“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Fallen: A Touching Yet Unrealistic Portrayal Yet Again of The Police Culture

This must have been what the firemen were doing putting the flag half mast in Harvard Square. What about 'the fallen' who are victims of thier 'brotherhood's' corruption? As for myself I dont see any mourning of my ill health or lost life. No one even acknowledges that anything happened to me or that I am alive at all hardly.
The Boston Globe front page had a pic of their white gloves clasped behind thier backs. Just like the goddamn Marines my grandparents were in. Which of course led to my mother being a radiation experimentee.
The Marines have a special interest group at al times. My mother after starting to crack from the pressure of being targeted, started to show signs of becoming brainwashed as in heavily identifying with the aggressor. She started to read Leatherneck and stick Marines stickers on her car. She always said Semper Fi to former Marines she encountered mostly men from what I saw (due to her understanding only males as authority). The poor thing was scared to death of my grandfather until he died and then I dont know what the hell was in her mind, she just snapped and got really evil.

The police are also a special interest group at all times. They define themselves as a "brotherhood" quite often. They speak of thier 'brotherhoods' dead as if they were angels from on high, as "fallen". Does that mean a TI of thier covert aggression and illegal, unethical activities is also 'fallen', or just disposed of as we are inconvenient to thier long term agenda or the agenda of the groups they truly serve in the USA, and its the same around the world in countries like the USA. In more corrupt countries thier corruption is more overt.
They are in a union as employees yet are government employees. They have ultimate authority and very unfair advantage over people outside their 'brotherhood'. Since they are supposedly civil servants no one dares point out that their actions are quite often akin to military aggression and corruption.

I understand that the officer who is 'fallen' was not involved in the psychological and intimidation campaign that has ruined my life. He may have been a nice person or even a stand up guy when it came to corruption I dont know. My issue is not with the death but with the portrayal of the culture, especially since Bush where far too much authority, power and money has been handed to this faction without proper checks and balances in relation to the increase of that power.
But before you shed too many goddamn tears as well as internalize the newspaper article's obvious subliminal attempts at continued intimidation by portraying the police as a close society that you have to ass kiss, worship like god-warriors from on high, as well as fear not and hopefully that will brainwash you into respect along the way...before you fall for the continued image making machine from the media here is something for you to read today.

You can admit that these bastards are human, corrupt and capable of more violence, crime and viciousness with cold hearts than other human beings outsider thier 'brotherhood' of privilege and special interest or you can continue to be dominated by a mostly male cabal of career criminals how play both sides to retain full control over society.

How many Targeted Individuals will get this treatment and by the way we may work just as hard as they do and have to and be just as abused as they are without any acknowledgement, reward or most of all a brotherhood to pick us up off the battlefield like Valkyries when we fall.

This isn't jealousy, that never was my style. I was beautiful, intelligent, talented and driven. There was nothing I could not have had if I wanted it. These f*ckers helped take that away from me. My anger and venom are justified and everyone knows it. TI's everywhere are justified.

Remember that next time you kneel down to brown yer nose or kiss the ring.

Whats the best part of this page? Not the bake sale but this from 'Filming Cops' on FACEBOOK (iLike it now).
"COP CRIMES Weekly Roundup – All of these events occurred just in the last week (October 6-12, 2010)"

They are the last people who should be judging how severe harassment of someone is considering they deal with blood, gore, death and such kinds of things. Civilians circumstances should not be decided by them nor judged by them from thier point of view. That is why they do not make laws nor are they judges. That is why we have courts and congress and senate.
The very fact that thier attitude about many TI's situation is 'it could have been worse' shows that they are impressing thier mentality and reality onto civilians who are not trained, prepared nor equipped to deal with such a reality. This is why this system is illegal and the only reason that it isnt dealt with is the constant hiding of its existence from the public, who I trust in them if they by and large were finally told that such a system does indeed exist, the outcry would be as such or at least the lawsuits that it would put a dent in thier sense of omnipotent power.