“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Neanderthal DNA...and Programmable Humans

OK this is going to be a bit complex with lots of info.

Firstly let me say that it does not surprise me that this testing is coming out now. Those of us who have dealt with unethical human experimentation know that whatever we experienced first hand is going to show up in magazine or study some time later. This was especially bad and prevalant during Bush where most likely under cover of war and anti terror info could be gathered from torture or other ill treatment without anyone taking notice. Stress tests, intelligence tests etc.

Secondly let it be clear that the results found by scientists basically say that many whites, not all but many have Neaderthal DNA to the exclusion of Asians and Africans.
So when Ozzy Osbourne discovers hes got such DNA it is not really that rare: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2010/10/28/ozzy-osbourne-on-genome-testing-neanderthal-lineage/comment-page-1/. Yes that is some funny sh*t as well.

Thirdly before I go into this, if this common DNA is what I think it is then many of us for years have known what scientists are telling us all along which in life is usually the case. I dont need a scientist to tell me that I am different from other people and other whites are different from myself, that I have instincts to and are strangely drawn to recognize only certain people on this planet as 'family' and its usually be thier DNA. Its something one can sense one can see. Also let me say that this DNA similarity is present in all non whites that I encounter and take in as kin almost immediately which if this theory is correct means that anyone with the right strain of Caucasian DNA who is not obviously 'white' may also possess such DNA.

However in relation to that subject matter it may possibly explain why mind control slaves are chosen. It seems that so me connection to royal bloodlines is necessary but perhaps some connection to Neanderthal DNA is also necessary to create a tough almost superhuman being that could stand up to performing such tasks and surviving.
I have noticed that many female mind controlled slaves all share similar appearance that has some tough masculinity within as well as similar facial features and a jawline. All very strong features like as in Eastern European Slavic type features being expressed a bit. If a savvy and experienced faction knew of these traits in certain people it could be used to chose them specifically as slaves.

There is a piece someome wrote about Autism possibly being related to Neanderthal DNA. Its very psychiatry based and alot of it is very questionable, especially since psychiatry often works to cover up for side effects of programming, mind control, RA and even simply people who behave differently due to a heavy trauma backround since childhood. Much of it is very insulting to people how possess such characteristics it lists associated with supposed Autism. One of the most suspect is the query 'do you possess a high moral standard and will stand up for what is right even in disregard of social norms or consequences?'..THAT is a sign of Autism? Give me a break, this just goes to show how dangerous psychiatry really is. And to suggest that we even know enough about Neaderthals to attribute such detailed qualities about them is presumptuios. However in another piece, it has been supposedly proven that Neanderthals possibly died out due to being over cautious. The whole piece basically in the end damns all environmentalists and people who want a sane balanced world to die out due to this urge being driven by Neanderthal DNA.

Which of course is more bs as if that were truly why some of us want form societies differently then we would be expressing such urges NOW, with the benefit of modern human DNA in the mix (as we supposedly hail from hybrid Neanderthal/Homo Sapien DNA) and the benefit of the modern world with comforts and conveniences.
It might be that the earth needs these ancient wise voices to let others know they are destroying themselves in the long run and not exercise enough caution.

Here is that piece. Try to stay sensible: http://www.rdos.net/eng/asperger.htm
It is truly frightening for me to read that piece. It comes so close to the way I am in life. But how do you then explain my large vocabulary and ability for literature and reading very fast and above my education level all my life? What my modern human DNA? It just goes too far. And the descriptions of evolution would apply to anyone with ancestors from cold places with dogs or wolves for instance. I think alot of the info is accurate to describe many people of ancient European ancestry but not everyone of them has Aspergers or Autism. Nor could it alwyays be due to Neanderthal DNA. Its a very dangerous piece to say the least but very very interesting.

I do not believe that people with many of those characteristics have Autism. Many people like this make fine artists or other wise so who is anyone to label that way of being as unusual or deviant? Then one gets into psychiatry's standards for judgement as being very unscientific or mere theory that is too much accepted as fact in our society. Sociologists could explain away the same traits of character or living with totally different explainations, ones that do not favor singling such people out as wrong compared to most of the population. I think we see how much bs is involved by the high moral standard statement- now THAT is suspect.

Psychiatry has this habit of taking what could be considered legit disorders or problems that people have getting through life with, mostly very severe afflictions and branching them out to include people that are basically functional and normal. THIS is when psychiatry becomes dangerous as social control and THIS is the borderline they should not be allowed to cross. All psychiatry cannot be debunked its just that they have gone way to far outside of what is reasonable or fair.

I love the bit where 'Neuro-typicals' or your average sheep are represented not only as "typical" but as more socially healthy by intimation:
"Social behaviors of neurotypicals
Is a large social network important for you?178
Is creating a social identity important for you?179
Do you appreciate to be in charge of other people?180
Do you have an interest for fashions?181
Do you enjoy gossip?182
Do you find it natural that males take initiatives to start a romantic relationship?183
Is your style and image very important to you?184
Is other people's image of you important to you?185
Do you find it natural to keep track of whom owes whom favours?186
Do you enjoy wearing jewelry?187
Do you enjoy make-up?"

I have always loved jewelry as well as fashions. Much of the mapped out territory of the Neanderthals also love such things: places like France and Italy. (Duh). Not to mention the metal working skills of Norsk peoples who it seems according to some research in this Neanderthal issue, have the most instance of Neanderthal DNA.

Alot of the findings are conflicting and are being used for race warring as well as this piece on explaining away psychiatry, which one would have to have validated to begin with the then attach it to the theory of Neanderthal DNA.

Here is the blogpost that repeats the findings that Neanderthal man was too cautious:
I wonder if that would not be a good thing in the context of modern times with issues like pollution and outliving our environment meant for survival. I wonder if it is not the reason for the attitude of many whites that having children in such a world of obvious overpopulation is not a good idea right now:
"Most Social Scientists believe that the lower fertility in whites is principally due to a variety of factors, primarily the lack of desire in whites to reproduce, their decision probably based on self-centered egotistical motivations of not wishing to share their wealth with eventual offspring.
Other factors are believed to add to the marked decrease in their reproduction, such as genuine concerns about the overpopulation of the planet, the general crime conditions in an overcrowded world, and lately genuine concerns about the environmental damages to the Earth's ecosystem by the increasing standard of living of greater numbers of humans on the planet.
It was scary as hell to look at the credentials for being Autistic. It describes alot of my life perfectly except for the fact that I dont have a problem with verbal abilities.

It also makes dealing with programming and RA a problem. Alot of fallout from that can be hidden under a condition like Autism. Either that or whatever makes certain people or families prime for programming wether it be bloodline DNA or Neanderthal or both or some other common thread, is what makes us 'different' to begin with and the process we go through in any mind control project just makes life more difficult.
Becuz programming and RA do exist just like whoever is doing alot of the hard core human experimentation is really trying to understand just how programmed people are set up inside. Its been obvious from 2003 that some faction NOT associated with the programmers are very curious to know just what makes us tick.
Its interesting that use of peripheral vision is noted as I recall perps in AZ being very into testing me on this.

What the experimenters or testers do basically is stress a mind control survivor out so that they must use all thier skills, acquired and natural, to survive thus being observed by the experimenters/testers. I have seen this with my own eyes.
In alot of cases it seems that the human experimentation connected to MK Ultra and the radiation experiments is not about programming but getting information on people who are programmed so as to further thier creepy goals of creating a superman. Of course most logical people then would beg the question as to who is involved in the original programming.
Just take it from most Survivors that some questions are not meant to be answered.

The problem is not with programmed people deprogramming naturally and living thier lives after that as productive citizens its why exactly do we have to be so destroyed, broken down and interrupted in that process and then put into severe and destructive behavior modification programs? THAT is the problem.

Its funny that so many people on the lowest levels of the gang stalking are so stupid about what is really going on. One woman in a day drop in was referring to me and told how you messed up it was that people would tell her to leave a certain person alone due to they having a disability. "Leave that girl alone she's got a disability".
(probably presumed that I am truly schizophrenic, autistic or other condition making me deviant and abnormal) "Then you find out that person is smart...like college smart".
Dont you love the trash and peasants they have in the street ranks and homeless shelters who are in on destroying a programmed person who is inconvenient? Welcome to MPD/DID. Welcome to the alter system. Welcome to the miracle of high level programming. College smart aint the half of it..you should see what one can do with Theta programming.

'College' smart. (Snicker). Its just too much isnt it? And this is the same trash that will mess with you in the shelters when you are so confused and being tortured, and like spoilt brats they will stamp thier little feet and say "She aint no better! She in here jus like the rest of us". And you think to yourself that you are under unusual circumstances for any human being to face as well as what spawned this behavior is your natural carriage and demand for self respect and self discipline. And frankly, you dont need this petty peasant bullsh*t on top of being held hostage in a severely destructive psychological warfare campaign.

Though one should write a person like this off as a stupid, jealous female unfortunately there are so many of her in these campaigns that eventually they do alot of damage to the Target. And thier conscience is about as equal to thier intelligence and awareness of worldly affairs. Which means your going to drown in an ocean of some of the most ignorant human beings in the USA.
But then again, they are comparatively innocent in motive compared to the rich a-holes at the top who know very well what they are doing to the Target.

The stigma of a smear campaign as well as ever useful psychiatry will most likely cover the perps asses for the rest of the Target's life so no true justice can be gotten as no one will believe the person anyway.
In Littleton MA when I was 19 years ago, I realize now how that place was saturated with perps who knew exactly who I was and would f*ck with me regularly. It was very close to a military base now closed but more interesting locally was MIT's Lincoln Labs. Mass has alot of fun and nasty, interesting military industrial complex as well as academic related companies. Power and results with no need for regard to human value.
A couple was standing next to me we were waiting for a train or bus. The man said something about me being an artist and the woman corrected him while laughing and both of them horse playing, in love and so much better than I of course: "AUTISTIC you mean". So this has been a common mind f*ck for years now and its why I never bought into it.

If the perps know alot about me, as much as I have seen used against me in a psychological warfare campaign designed to destroy or kill, then they know damn well that I was and perhaps am able to draw and paint quite well without lessons as well as have some ability in music and other areas. They know this and its thier job to destroy it and suppress it. It is especially dangerous to them for some reason that I get into math or study it to improve my understanding and skill as well as music is a threat as well.
These people know about entire families, generation to generation. So its very important for the TI to forget that which is what they do by not only having intimates and relatives betray and abandon the Targeted Survivor during a campaign turned 24/7, but to divide and conquer that family so each member can still be controlled individually. If someone like myself refuses the dynamics of a mind controlled family that keeps each person down respectively, then the system will come in from the outside and beat the person down and create control from outside which is exactly what a gang stalking campaign does.

If you look at the wheel of abusive cycles, the one thats used to describe domestic violence to victims in therapy you will notice that each abuse section is one used by the 'perps' of a stalking and harassment campaign on a Targeted Individual. This is used to keep a Survivor of programming 'down' so that they never have control over thier own lives or grow as human beings after breaking out of programming.
Its just an idea to throw out there, as we know that DNA preferences plays a key part in choosing who gets programmed.