“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hate Mail Time,kids!! Utube Comment: mookixox

Yes, friends another jack ass who is full of himself yet insists on being perceived as an activist has decided to attempt an rude dig, it looks as if its due to me being a female by the look of his channel:



Approval required for comment on "Gang Stalking 2010 6/6"

I feel very sad for this woman. I bet she hasn't shaved in years with a forrest in her panties. I wonder how long the men in her life have to pretend they believe her before they get into her pants? Either way, at least these ppl don't seem like threats (to anyone but themselve). The day thesy start shooting up fast food restaurants is when we should worry. And I say that as someone who knows how evil Govt really is..."

I say the extent of his activism is being either a disinfo agent, a info hoarding alarmist or a conspiracy theorist.
It stands to reason that if he thought that our government was so 'evil' (a generalized, very childish adjective to use when describing something political) then he would have read my blogs with literally years of information as well as the obvious connections between MK Ultra, mind control experiments and the use of these in the 'NWO'.

This f*cker shouldn't be thinking about my panties becuz he wouldn't stand a chance anyway with how stupid and paranoid he sounds. "The Jews did 9/11?" What kind of statement is that? There is talk 0f a link to Mossad perhaps but that is not The Jews. What, every Jew everywhere? WTF?
This is the kind of activist who makes the rest of us look bad.

And I stopped shaving my armpits years ago to keep morons like this from coming onto me on Greyhound buses. Whats in my underwear is none of his business. However, whats in his underwear cannot be too impressive if he were to make such a statement. If he is afraid of my femininity in any way, it shows by him first fearing my pubes then fearing I will take out a McDonalds. Psychology 101 anyone?

I don't tell anyone anything. 'The men in my life'...again psychology. Belittle me from warrior goddess to some guy's girlfriend. Eww.
I stand alone forever and always.

Who exactly are "these ppl"? What, Targeted Individuals? His channel looks just as insane as mine would if you were not associated with the subject matter."'The Jews' did 9-11" being his crowing achievement of idiocy.

If I shoot up something ever it wont be a fast food restaurant. And it might not be bullets. Thats loud obnoxious, overt behavior usually delegated to males as testosterone plays a pivotal role in using guns for both suicide and homicide as well as the ' going out in a blaze of glory' ending.
Since I am a woman, which is what he is most afraid of, I wont be using guns or shooting strangers. I might just find out where this guy lives though and choose him for some experiment in trying out all the methods I learned from my perps over the years.

We ppl are smarter than he which is why we are targeted. Women scare this fool.

The only thing he has to feel sad about is being so pathetic that he needs to make a dig at a stranger just to make himself look cool which, after reading the 'formula' used in his writing, is the sole purpose of his actions.

He also obviously thought about me in a sexual way or he wouldn't have commented on the possible state of my privates. Face it dude. You totally want me. I can tell.
I could report him for making a comment like that but I'd rather just block him and stop anymore attention seeking at my expense.
That would be like such a hysterical news report: "A crazed lone shooter, a female, opened fire on a crowd of people at a White Castle today, killing 10, wounding 3o. Its got people wondering one thing. Was she shaved?"

I mean is that going to be the main concern when I finally go off postal? Or is that some warning sign of a terrorist or lone shooter.

FBI: "I want 24 hour surveillance on this woman. She is obviously a danger to herself and others. She refuses to give in to the modern style of all good airbrushed layouts in Playboy as well as modern (boring, souless) video porn: any women with pubes unkempt is certainly a dangerous feminist and must be watched for reasons of national security".
"You read Playboy sir?"
"I only read it for the articles. Now get out of my office"
Yes all we activists that stay mobile, have outsmarted and resisted our enemies thus far and live like animals until we get the results we desire certainly dont have access to personal grooming products. What the hell is wrong with this guy? In the USA you'll never starve or go without hygiene unless yer super drunk or lazy.

Did anyone ever insult Che this way? I hope I dont end up on a t-shirt on some YUPpie poser from hell.
Like all those morons I used to art model for. Listening to heavy blues music for the effect while remaining terribly white and overprivileged (see out of the blue studios http://www.outoftheblueartgallery.com/- wins most pretentious award. Oh and they were major perps too)..and wearing Cuban rebel green hats of course.
This year they are wearing train hopper gear but I can always tell who is full of sh*t and who is for real.
Posers wear it. Travelers live it.

I wonder if these kids sit around at thier college classes or office jobs and find lighter tops to attach to thier clothes or do they buy them that way?

You have to realize that the system views people like me as another potential Susan Atkins type. Which means that they are blowing the whistle on themselves by knowing about programming, Satanic cult activity or ritual abuse as well as ties to various factions that I wont mention. What is really behind this is pushing the targeted survivor until they do in fact snap. Its all bullshit. The actions taken against the person is what makes them snap.

And these smug attitudes from prison employee types and law enforcement. They fricking know already anyway. One snooty prison employee said of Atkins conversion to Christianity that it was just another cult for her to convert to. SO what exactly has the legit system done for survivors of satanic or ritual abuse or activity especially tied to say the military or intel agencies? Other than mess with them so they snap and after the 90's panic, discredit them?

The system can be that arrogant as they know full well what is really going on. Anyone with a heavy backround in psychology would understand the dynamics of it. But try to find one that actually does thier job..good luck with that.

I notice negligence is the passive side of gang stalking. I also note that many people that snap or go serial killer have records to prove that they tried to seek help and no one did thier job. Hmmm.

I was in this McDonalds in St Louis around the college one day. It was one of the funniest gang stalking moments ever. These two young cops came in, looking real guilty like they did not want to do this too me as they knew it was total bullsh*t. The whole place acted like I was secretly carrying an m 16 under my clothes or something and the kid working there actually came into the eating area and kept baiting me. The cops just stood there and half got into the drama scene that was trying to be created. I just sat there and peaceably ate my sandwich after ordering food like any other normal person.
It was one of gang stalking's stupider moments. Didnt know you were gonna hafta play act for some rich a-holes or corrupt govt faction when you got into the academy did you boys?
Poor kids. They looked so...worried about the whole thing. If they were Boston cops they would have probably sat there and gloated while pulling it off. But then Boston wouldnt have ever been that obvious..or is a Moltov cocktail a bit obvious? I guess when you get desperate...

Why is it that entire era during Bush was violent riots here in Boston over stupid shit like teams winning games and men finding it necessary to blow things up? (take that however you want to USA)
Never allow another Bush into office. Wars start and things just start exploding. Its a real pain in the ass and usually a total downer really.

Me as a lone shooter. I just dont see it. Its so... overt and stupid. But I can understand with being harassed and with enough psych warfare how people just cant take anymore.

I keep running this memory in my head over last few days of a perp in St Louis who said while sitting on a park bench: "Women from Boston might be beautiful in their hearts and thier minds but a person can only take so much". LOL.
This was the typical predominently black male attitude towards gang stalking there. That they were having a hella wild good ol time with this and they were going to win!
What does beauty inner or outer have to do with the cold hard math involved in internal programming systems?
This is what happens when you hire a 'job' out to folk. They have to myth everything up. Folklore and all that. The whites were much more KKK sorts and convinced I was a Jew so would approach me that way to insult me, which of course made no sense for a long time as I am not a Jew that I know of.

I can take whatever it takes to win and see the results of my actions even if it takes until I am 80 and Will myself to live that long to get vengeance. Problem understanding that?
I guess being stuck in a land locked area makes you start imagining things- like yer omnipotent, and that is based on you being a male mostly.

Lets import some of these f*ckers to Boston and see how much of the northeast THEY can 'take'. I give them a month or two until they are trying to escape to go back home. And even though they have Arctic winters there, snow confuses them like it does people from down south. It snows two inches there and there are multiple accidents.

I say we find every perp of all races from St Louis and round them up, kidnap them and drop them in the middle of the worst part of NYC. Ahhh, fun times.
Yeah, St Louis was the place where the rent a cop at the train station was gesturing 'damn it' when I walked off, alive and well, into the bus station and out of town again, without being carried out in a pine box. Very subtle wouldnt you say? You can tell in the way they dress there. Well when you think yer hiding out in the middle of the continent and no one knows what yer up to...
People in downtown St Louis look as if they are trying for NE fashion sense but they fail miserably in ways. Its almost as amusing as these attempts in San Diego but without the plastic surgery victimhood to go along with the sad dress attempts, creating a monstrous and grotesque reality of the American landscape I will not soon forget.

There was also this ridiculous race war going on there between blacks and whites in the fire dept. The whites would leave nooses or monkeys around for the blacks to find and the blacks would leave out a bunch of saltine crackers in response. Totally retarded- like St Louis.
They should get out to the coasts more often. Go swimming or something. Oh, they dont know how to swim in an ocean? No loss really it wouldnt be.

Hate mail. Always a FAIL.