“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boys Club Take On New Meaning

I sometimes have this suspicion that the world is run by a secret cabal of males who are closeted gays and that female forces especially positive ones have absolutely no hope in this world. George Bush- there are accusations and whispers. Obama is surrounded by mysterious gay male deaths in his old controversial church and there are stories about his former gay lovers being snuffed to avoid embarrassment.

The armed forces have always been most suspect anyway and I cant imagine what goes on in higher ranks. None of us are very comfortable with that photo of McCain hugging Bush. Not at all.

This story made me sort of unhappy but I cant say I never suspected. I wonder if it takes this kind of , er, 'bonding' to seal a strong relationship and this, and ONLY this level of intimacy will create a great song writing duo.

My ex has also been suspect over the years. His closeness to his best childhood friend was enough but he commented once on a cartoon on his wall, a cult classic comic strip of which now I forget the name. I will never forget it, he seemed to stress it so much in the conversation. It was when we were first hanging out getting to know each other. He kept commented over and over of the two male 'friend' characters in the cartoon: "You know they're gay, right?" Until I just sort of blew it off with 'yeah I know whatever its not an issue'. I should have walked out right the f*ck there and then if I had any sense in my head whatsoever, which at that age and that time I did not.


I did not want to know this about these two celebrities but in one sense its freeing as Jagger just had too many years of capturing the imagination of women around the globe. Always amazing this con so many skinny little men pull off in entertainment, especially music moreso in the old days where talent and mystique mattered more than classic good looks, which of course is what made it interesting to take in.

On the other hand it is following this trend nowadays where mystery and anything magical is being destroyed. Showing the public reality is like a torture nowadays. Almost like inverse deception. But its not a disrobing of things hidden in the interest of Truth or shedding light on subjects. Its really part of this torture system where every childhood dream or illusion you kept close to your heart to make life bearable or easier or more enjoyable is being shredded before your eyes and take away from you. Reality is being highly overrated nowadays really.

I noticed such actions being taken on television with a play a few years ago. In order to destroy the beautiful illusion that theatre creates the cameras went backstage and revealed everything that goes on but you could tell it was done in the spirit of satanic type cruelty and shock. Always take note of anything very quick moving, that shocks and doesn't give you a chance to process it or that doesn't warn you first or isn't introduced before hand. Its actually extremely rude and ill mannered but that is what the world wants to become nowadays. Everything based on torture.

Its like one big behavior modification boot camp. We will all be shocked and broken down, our allusions destroyed until we see reality clearly- which is utter bullshit as every human being's reality is different. THEY just want to create a living Hell on earth with psychological warfare on the public and the use of chemicals and tech.

For instance, the shredding of veils over anything and everything that created mystery, done in such a violent and shocking sneaky manner is not necessarily exposing reality. If one wanted to expose reality THEN ONE WOULD STOP WATCHING TELEVISIONS OR PRE RECORDED LIGHT AND SOUND IMAGES ALL TOGETHER AND ONLY ATTEND PLAYS OR OTHER THEATER IN REAL LIFE, EXPERIENCING 'REALITY' IN REAL TIME.

No. What these bastards, this system wants to do is to create THIER version of reality based on twisted Luciferian nonsense , violence, shock and depriving humans of thier right to privacy and dreams of thier own creation.

Its another deception like anything else they pull. The boot camp feel is of course the military factions in on it who are f*cked up enough to believe that artists have no value and that everyone should go to boot camp to toughen up and learn to live right- which is THIER way of seeing the world.

From my experiences and research there are satanic factions from around the world in cooperation with what seems like the plans and undertakings of such sects as the military who alone have access to such technologies, as well as other factions.

I am not sure what Richards motives are perhaps revenge from years of history or perhaps just telling it all before he passes on. But it may be a let down on purpose. The ultimate destruction of a great illusion that was preserved for many years. Yes, rock bands from that era had some of the greatest holding patterns for fans minds and beyond based on forming complex illusions. Mind control yes, but making life more bearable by enjoying thier artwork may have been worth it. Did generations of kids start using H becuz of Richards? Probably. Yes, the answer is yes.
Were they kids at high risk anyway who would have found thier way into trouble? Probably. The pay off is that within every one of these artists works there lay keys to dealing with these issues or just some renditions of life experience one finds useful.

I believe Wes Peren http://www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/index2.htmwho claims many of these people are programmed themselves (which means they suffer just as lowly expendables do) or they are in on RA and participate to either pay off debts for their fame and success or out of a taste for such things to begin with. If you are strong minded or Willed you will find the keys and not fall under such things like subliminal messages or backwards masking which I believe did or does exist and had some influence on occult activities.

The problem with all of this through the years has been the us against them mentality. Christians or moralists go after these issues out to destroy or rid the world of 'evil'. Then you've got these factions denying the reality of such things or just fighting the aforementioned and continuing on.

Humans are never going to rid the world of deceptions or 'evil'. I just think its more sensible to see that its always been here so how are you going to rid the world of 'evil'? In case you havent noticed, especially obvious lately, is that evil will just find a new hiding place or form new and more complex deceptions. Its akin to a virus that keeps morphing to stay alive and it challenges the human system to keep up with it or die.

The problem right now in our world is that evil if you will, has taken a bit too much space and domain and that is a direct result of thier having access to technologies as well as somehow convincing the public that thier way might be better to create a peaceful world or at least one with sure, predictable results. Evil is no longer sleazy and hiding out. Its become respectable, in your face and streamlined. Polished.

Which of course means its totally no fun anymore. Enforcing boredom as the rule and a great dumbing down of the public seems to be part of the torture and it really does suck. Enslavement of mankind is not about debauchery or thrills. Its about getting you to accept boredom, lack of freedom or privacy and be happy about that becuz its a sure thing. A dumb slave, an under stimulated slave is a happy slave. THAT is the new system.

When man can no longer decide what is the right level of stimulation for him, what is the right level of creativity or intelligence of hunger or appetite then we have a definate problem here. You are ultimately being told the bottom line is that you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY. Or that you should learn to be happy being essentially tortured and treated very roughly every day. This is in the interest of creating slaves and nothing more.

YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HAPPY. And that should not have to be from consumption of goods and services which is also what these bastards are up to.

If you were created with the ability to dream, imagine or think privately then there is some purpose in your health, evolution or well being in doing those things. There is something wrong or very manipulative about an arrangement where those things are discouraged or no longer possible.

There was a show on television about this old black man who was 96 years old who had a younger wife keeping him active. The show was based on observing him and gathering information about what life was like back then in his youth as he was very coherent and active.

One thing I noted was how much time he took in a very serious manner but also in a very natural way to sit quiety and think to himself about things. Its something you dont see people doing alot of nowadays and this came out in the late 90's. The way he sat with himself, his presence seemed to have weight to it just as he sat. I think one could sense his energies mental and otherwise working within him. He told his young wife he was thinking of his family.

Also what was striking was how much respect he had for his own privacy. The way his mate related to him was a more friendly and familiar 60's kind of approach as this was her age group. He seemed often surprised by her forwardness into his personal world. You could even see that he was very direct and strong in his physical space. This might be just the way he was individually but it seems that people who did not grow up with Pre Recorded Light and Sound Images allowing humans to experience dead time are much more natural and healthy in many ways. This is how humans were for thousands of years. Only recently have we even had photographs much less the ability to go through dead time in real time. And how long have we had technology for personal communications? Mere decades.

We are not watching closely enough the psychological effects of technology on mankind..oh, I am sure that acedemics and other factions outside the general public are doing studies but we the people are not paying attention to its effects on our health or our mental health.

These circumstances could be used to bring man kind under the control of forces that have less than his freedom and well being in mind. Unless its some sort of long term plan to lower the population and pack up moving to some more habitable place when the planet finally shits the bed. I assume that merging man with technology is also going to be so nightmarish that humans have to be really altered to make such a transition possible.
One of my more horrifying experiences during Bush was experiencing the sensations of having my entire conshusness put into a technology either within a pair of virtual reality glasses or connected to said glasses. It was one of the worst tortures I have experienced. It was worse than the sensation of being ripped apart or cut into little pieces, which is of course another one of the worst sensations I ever experienced, and it does seem like it was a standard torture procedure for Targeted Individuals.
That of course was pulled off with the psychological manipulation that I deserved it somehow, that it was to teach me a lesson, or that I needed to go through such a thing in order to learn a lesson or gain some moral insight into my treatment of others. Which is total unadulterated bullshit.
And this time there are two sources of media where this experience is brought forward by characters who express this exact type of torture. One of them if you notice is in that shitty Simpson's movie. Homer gets pulled apart into pieces and put back together again.
Another media source I wont mention now also runs through this occurring and also sights this action as a necessary torture for an offender to learn thier lesson about thier behavior.

I also have the good luck of having a perp say this right to my face in real life in real time. It was one of those mind games where the perp makes sure that he runs down something that is actually happening to the target he is speaking to. It was too close to the other two references as well as the actual torture experience as a TI for it to be my mistake or imagined. "Rachael, right now I feel like I'm being torn into little pieces and put back together again." and I will never forget it as long as I live that statement. This is when I still mentally, emotionally and spiritually alive so I was still being very affected by the torture and harassment so I couldn't face directly what was going on but I took it in somewhere mentally anyway.

Its always put under the guise of the victim deserving it or worse yet humanity somehow needs the target to withstand destruction. Some people have even experienced being told that the world will only go on existing if they are destroyed. This kind of idea is pushed. Both create a cross for the person to carry just like the classic sacrifice/scape goat.

What the assholes in this system really want is energy for thier stupid take over of humanity and the creation of a human slave state based essentially on mental, emotional and spiritual enslavement which pretty much makes doing anything to its victims physically, unnecessary.

To win this it must be approached with a balanced attitude. Evil will never be fully dispelled from the world but such a force also should not become so commonplace with the public being drones in its presence that there is no room for any other reality. Getting people disillusioned with Christianity was brilliant really. Too bad what the public are experiencing is not truly the heat and fire of rebellion or 'evil'. Its a state of near dead enslavement- that does not sound like Hell on Wheels or some rockin' good time complete with all the overstimulation that should come with it.
Whatever this system is it wants to enslave and that seems to mean anti life. The lessening of intelligence, creativity, the creation of human energy and limiting severely the release of human energy. Its no surprise that a perp slipped and told me that "they know exactly what they are doing, they are trying to destroy the pituitary gland". Just look up spiritual evolution as well as the productions of energies and that human body part, you'll see what I am talking about. And stay away from the New Age movement. Its a lot of bullshit that keeps people away from the hard and serious subject of getting on with it. Its partially disinfo. Its a system set up within a mainstream system that is designed to keep humans AWAY from such evolution or having the Will to actually take that on earnestly. And when you do, they just come after you anyway, the bastards.

Its all around us this effort. The constant tech induced environment creates a prison for humans. Music in HD is noticably lacking in energy that you can feed off of or get off on as they used to say. The 'chill factor' (one's skin goose pimpling when hearing certain musical pieces. A very small or mild reaction to music inducing energy flow in humans.) is so obviously absent nowadays and that goes for pieces that used to induce energies when listening to it on tape or vinyl..even old cd's.

So look at it this way. Not only are you not going to be able to get off on old Stone's songs the way you used to be able to rely on but now you can take away any mystique that helped to create those conditions by knowing every little detail about the magicians behind it.

Its one thing to seek who the Wizard really is on your own by pulling back the curtain. Its quite another to by kicked out of Oz completely but not returned to Kansas in black and white either, and to have the poppy fields burned down, the Emerald city downgraded to plastic and YUPies. And the Wicked Witch has now polished herself into some sort of glorified CEO with a kinder-gentler way of killing Dorothy for her shoes, somehow has gotten the people to put out Yellow Ribbons for the monkeys who sing that they "love the old one" like Russian cusacks marching in line, while the wicked witch has perfected some sort of bizarre, sophisticated paradigm that allows her to now appear non threatening as she turns the hour glass over with a smile.

Becuz when your Will has been subverted to this degree that you start falling into the hypnotists hands, the cult leader's grip you get comfortable with being down trodden or make deals with your oppressors then you may as well be dead anyway.

'Evil' has become way to socially acceptable, streamlined and with an acceptable rewards system to be trusted at all. Evil comes now without its fire or its rage. Everything has been co opted by The State.
It appears to be cleaning up crime while it commits atrocities thus striking a deal with the people.

Its not what the Wicked Witch is doing that you can see that you have to worry about, its what she has in her dungeons. The nature of very powerful, wealthy people and thier taste for torture has not changed. The problem is that many people now feel they are part of that level of being if they engage in it as luxury or turn a blind eye to its existence.

Oh, forgot this: