“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wanda Sykes you out


Dont let it piss you off. Its all part of the NWO agenda. A race war is needed to disallusion the public etc etc. I saw this too and took it with a grain of salt due to colors she is wearing. Saw right through her.

What we should take seriously is questioning her ability at being a parent if she is insulting white's to begin with. DSS should take a look at her and her 'partner'...not becuz they are gay but becuz of her comment about white "babies". It didnt seem very kind and if adopt white babies and are donw on them already what does that deem for the future? What is this, passive aggressive revenge through being wealthy and adopting?

She is so full of sh*t. I liked her for having a brass pair in the 90's but if she wants to join this ridiculous covert campaign for a race war or whatever the agenda is she has no respect from me or any other strong woman- who has a keen sense of observation.

And what really is unfair is that my African American friend in So Cal and her Mex boyfriend struggled to have a baby while homeless. That state sucks (obviously by letting this b*tch have white babies she's down on but not giving good services to pregnant poor women. Cali is NOT a blue state as in MA. The private money is hoarded by the rich out there and they couldnt care less.)

This woman from DSS hounded my friend just as she gave birth. It was outrageous. Just becuz she drank like once during her first month as she didnt knows she was pregnant. She asked the baby be tested and for that responsible act this DSS Nazi was on her ass and doing all kinds of illiegal harassment on this couple just to try to catch them doing something to get the kid taken. MA residents would have had the woman fired by now. Cali also has very submissive citizens that resort to the violence you see on the news or the riots by not being able to stand up or handle thier govt intrusion into thier lives which is very overboard. They are nazis about it but thier social problems still are not solved (take San Diego having too many mental patients who are dangerous on the street- its a scam. Then they run them through services that make money off of them where staff complain that no one stays off the street. Cali plays the homeless like fiddles and they arent politically savvy enough to defend themselves. Of course citizens just hate on the homeless instead of seeing the corruption. Cali sucks and I hope it falls into the ocean within my lifetime. 2012 anyone?)

Her friends were very pissed off and ready to go after this woman- legally and in other ways. She just acted like the trooper she is and dealt with it. I am down on blacks lately due to the new race wars and the way I have been targeted with such high amounts of black perps...but the few I do keep as friends are usually superior human beings...and guess what? They are always people that the system hates. WHY? Probably cuz they are smart, above average, and beat odds. The system hates people who get out from under problems without their meds or other hand holding. My friend went through months of crippling depression and slept on a cot through her pregnancy. She did an excellent job of it and now stays with a caring family who are friends becuz the system wouldnt help her. Oh they were there when the kid was born.

Who the f*ck does this country think it is right now. Its so obviously a class war that someone is diverting with race issues. Also they have to make sure that what happened during BUSH never gets looked at. I have seen Sykes perform for years. She is playing to the system for the agenda, most likely blacks who want to get thiers so they side with the power structures. These people are enemies of the poor everywhere. And of justice. I dont care how gay, black or otherwise seemingly alternative they are. Its not the 90's anymore. You cant go by those old liberal signs of being outside the mainstream.
Whats going on now is a hell of alot more dangerous.

Laugh at Sykes joke. Not for it being funny in itself but for how transparent she is. And lets hope those babies either get taken from her due to her appearing to be down on whites so she cant be strusted. Especially if they turn out to be talented- she'll probably stifle them (hmmm sound familiar TI's?). Or we can only hope they have DNA that turns on her our turns out very badly in the end. Maybe they will grow up and something will call them to move to some norse country of their original origin centuries ago- that wont join the EU or get involved with the NWO agenda due to it having little patience for southern Euro or American BS.

Probably not. They would need to be deprogrammed or un brainwashed out of the American systems that dampen any natural strength Euro's have in their DNA. That DNA needs to be activated to dictate survival- American mainstream culture crushes that spirit.