“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harvard Sq scene starting to wind down

Getting sick of Harvard Sq. All the cool people are gone. No more travelers coming through. New people have come back who are annoying jerks- alot of activity that I dont want to deal with now. That kid who latched onto me is friendly with everyone. He supposed to be such a train rider but he's always making friends with naive people who can pay his way or let him stay at thier houses. Another manipulative loser. One day I want him paid back for being such a jerk. I believe he knows something and has dissed me and used it to make a name for himself. People are always doing that to me. The perps probably love it as it helps to keep me down.

Lately in Cambridge the harassment seems to be in the form of destroying morale. Everywhere I go walking down the street I get head hanging or people looking like they they are frustrated and feel bad, with some disappproaval that I am still there.

I thought it was for real until my friend walked with me today part way into my walking from my squat. The activity ceased. I then realized that it was tactical.

Thats the thing about psychological warfare is that when you are alone you cant wake up out of it. They are thought stopping activities- with all the other damage that has been done to the Target this works off of that.

Now I think of it more and more it is pretty phony. A stream of people especially women walking by me looking at me and hanging thier heads. Its total bullshit actually.

Dont you think I know that this area wants me outta here due to my old associates? Its HER territory. But if leave MA I'll just get harassment in some other location anyway. And I have heard it said that I am being harassed to "keep her (me) on the run".
So leaving is pointless anyway.

Local peons are going to be against me just becuz they are afraid, its cool or when one is targeted people are afraid that they will also get targeteed. I just need to focus on my projects getting done and avoid being social if its going to end in some bullshit status game.

With what I have been through and the forces I have fought I know I deserve respect. Either they dont know the whole story, believe the cover stories or they are in on it at a level that is covert so I cant see it or it could be they are in on it out of mobbing just what humans do subconshusly.

This trainrider kid was here a few months ago I heard him on a phone telling someone that 'they' wouldnt let a group of them leave the area and something about guardian angels or some protection assignment. He also mentioned that another group when they did thier "guardian angle" assignments they interfered to much with the person they were protecting, like trying to change the person.

I notice that after that this kid who has been a pain in y ass for so long here and in Berklee CA then started insisting that this kid who talked about guarding someone was schizo becuz he talked to himself on the telephone, just anything to put him down. This person is also obssessed with putting others down to make himself look good or gain some sense of power over a local naive group.
Hellarity house squat in Berkeley CA wouldnt put up with his crap and 86'd him. But I give them credit for seeing how much of a vampire he was and a user.

But if the point is to help the other parts of the system keep me down they certainly are doing a good job here.

Why is everyone so insistent on helping the system keep me down? Then you get these kinds of people who are actually posing as fighting against the system but really they are helping the oppresive system we live under by keeping someone down who is effectively whistle blowing on that system. Why anyone would want to serve to agenda is beyond me.