“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, June 15, 2015

Austin Harassment Based Too Much On Sexism/Im Being Marketed As Dangerous (Only Since Finishing Probation)

The latest harassment seems to be all about framing me up as a horrible person. Also to try to bait me so I reat as was done last summer that resulted in my arrest.

The day I finished community service people began gang stalking ms differently. Cop cars are around alot or are parked on my routine routes I take

Strange how its suddenly important to do so whereas for years I was obviously standing up well under pressure as I was the one being victimized.

These people seem to have everyone fooled or supporting their deceptions by being just as criminal or twisted as them.

I love how African Americans in the US are a large group who partake in these war crimes yet now its being engineered to appear as if Im some rampant racist who mindlessly victimizes African Americans.

One thing is sure about Austin-sexist sick bastards, woman beaters and sex offenders certainly work well together here. And they are the most arrogant, confident male perpetrators of violence against a woman or women I've experienced anywhere in the nation.
They dont seem to have any fear at all.

Im also being framed up or my image is being shaped as a dangerous person. Its in line with all the police shootings and lone shooters.

This is the most frightening becuz im wondering if it's to prime a frame up of me if i do leave the US for a foriegn country.

Its not hard to get a double on a surveillance tape to do something and frame a person.

I also now realize that most people simply believe Im making up the things I post or they CHOOSE to agree with that due to having a vested interest in supporting the system.