“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Comic Relief: Spy Hard (1996)

(Sorry couldn't find free full movie)


Every Target needs some way to entertain ourselves through these ridiculous programs. After many years being targeted it becomes so ridiculous, so surreal that its comedic in itself. To think after all that the world is run by this system, by intelligence agencies, contractors and that MK Ultra rooted projects have come to rule the world and help bring in a New World Order....and the public are so oblivious, so asleep that they don't know or see or care.

Being awake can be very lonely so it is good that TIs know there are others like us and that through skepticism and making sure we either align ourselves with or at least know of TIs with clout and some power in our community, that we stay on top of threats to ours and us such as lame attempts to try to make us all out to be mentally ill as we have seen done through the years. Its a stalemate and all they can do is keep trying to get leverage and pull the power fully over to their side. Yet when they try this and again fail, they cease for a time becuz they know that if they lose- if we do the same and succeed. If they are not careful, if any power plays turn in our favor..if they are careless in any actions they try, that the whole world will become aware of their existence-that it is indeed real. That people will see and finally believe- fully accept the existence of such a horrible deception keeping humanity prisoner each and every day of our lives.

Hopefully this system will destroy itself by its own weight. Until then- we must endure and enjoy what moments we can. For us it all depends on what war is going on,who gets into office in what state or city we live in,who comes into our lives. Our lives are constantly in flux depending on factors beyond our control. So many people who are not Targets only feel a fraction of these consequences of changes-due to their place in the system being a way for them to have some stability.

We have been marginalized, permanently. Many of us are simply victim witnesses who are being silenced by extreme abuses of power. I cannot think as to what else MK Ultra or MK KIDS would be but that.

Forge on...and entertain yourselves along the way. Mock the enemy becuz they are never going to let go. Its a lifestyle now. And one which TIs must keep fighting within to maintain integrity. For this life and ultimately.

Have a few laughs at their expense. Its all your going to get.