“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Downtown Portland, OR-Another Cool City Ruined By Mass Mind Control

Left downtown for the day do errand.

That microwave tower there is kicking the crap out of my brain. Its very difficult to maintain.

It seems very important for cities now to keep downtowns and colleges heavily targeted with all varieties of controls and influence.

Something is still guiding me that leaving the US is really the only way to any happiness and relief.

Its sad that it has to be that way. Portland for all its being chill alternative and just Liberal enough without being Liberal elitist, is just another city under the rule of mind control.

The farther away from that microwave tower or any universities the more clear and normal it is.

They must go after students who show promise of being too brilliant and not controllable. Academics who won't follow the agenda etc. People dont realize workplace mobbing is linked to the intelligence networks and a much
bigger nastier larger system thats international.

I now often wonder why I was shown all this stuff why I experienced what I did for years if I am being prevented from exposing it all.

Downtown is just too difficult to last there for long. Other than that Truman Show Effect I have posted about there's also this constant and really annoying illusion that there is an 'eye in the sky' watching the area at all times -either some military satellite or drones or the like or a constant net of security cameras around the city that creates a constant monitoring of downtown.
All are technologically possible.

And the people here are potentially annoying as some crowds like on buses seem to be perps. The ride here consisted of me feeling alot of people on the bus watching me. I got the impression that they were perps and felt bad or that everyone realizes that i am getting worn down after years of this. They wanted me to either be put out to pasture away from society or they were contemplating just how much longer its going to take to finish me off.

The psychics are the WORST part of this. What's odd is there are strong psychics who seem natural and then there are thes people out in public spaces-they are weaker psychics so only have power in a group.

Psychics in groups are one of the major weapons against a targeted Survivor especially one they want to drain emotions from like after deprogramming they would wince when they sensed how much pain was in me.

Their job seems to be to drain the Survivor of energy to basically either kill the person or make a Survivor a non threat. Ib other words make highly intelligent crrative dynamos into homeless sickly people who are barely alive.

All they've done is make me into a psychic black hole who instead of producing energy now sucks the energy from anyone who gets close to me-another way of isolating the TI.

Ive felt their presence in entire neighborhoods IN SMALL MORMAN TOWNS LIKE GRANTSVILLE UTAH. LDS church is completely screwed up. There are so many survivors of RA and cult mind control who are now targeted from LDS.

If vampires exist then perhaps they exist not with fangs etc but in this form.

They dont scare me they just creep me out and piss me off with their intrusions.

Also this experience some Survivors have with these groups is one of the most unbelievable sounding compared to the weapons, chemical influence and psy ops. Sadly these groups are the hardest to beat for some reason.

Psychic mobbing-I dont even frickin believe it. Yet I have to becuz Ive experienced it. It makes sense when you look at a Survivor's non alien MILAB abductions. There are always groups involved not an individual. And the stalking and harassment is also done by groups of what we call perps.

So the psychic mobbing scenerio actually fits in.

I suppose lately they've got me with having gotten inside my head so far at this point my confidence is shot and I dont even believe myself anynore.

Pushing the idea i am insane and going for the belief i am totally discredited beyond repair is whats up now.

Why can't people just let me write my book and die in fuckin peace? Geez.