“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This Part Of The South Is Enjoyable...Though Possibly Full Of Shit As Anywhere Else

Aside from my experience that was the usual at that shelter I have to say that the regular people there were nice. Staff seemed nice. The women, white and black seemed nice enough.

The only thing that was weird is the locals have a habit of looking at u aggressively with a quickness. Like u can't turn around in the lunch room.

The males are the worst, usually the white ones. Couldnt even walk out into a room or hallway.

I mean i get it that the south is as dangerous as anywhere else and they probably  sugar coat it.

But I surely did enjoy my stay. Felt comfortable for a few days. Even experienced some healing and gaining answers.

So what  if the gentle smiles of people in street  or in cars was the same exact perp handling Ive experienced around the nation?

Listen, AMERICA KNOWS WHAT ITS DONE..to its own people and to the world. All I need to do is know the truth about my own story. Who CARES what the public thinks much less Americans?

Lol in a convenience store near North Eastern university in Boston I had Middle Eastern types winking at me and being friendly to me, it seemed due to my work.

Dont u think I know it was to push me further into being obnoxious and rebellious, sounding like some crazed terrorist or schizo??

Lmao....i understand fully the purpose of all this over time is to get rid of me one way or another so that the people who betrayed me never have to deal with consequences or me for the rest of their  lives.

None of that matters. All that matters is the truth, not greedy, murderous humans who mob anyone who threatens to get in the way of them satisfying their base needs-and their greed.

As if any of that population (most of the USA and  consumerism addicted western society) here or abroad s worth considering at all in my life.

Soooooo f*ck all those people.

I experienced a place down south where it seems religion actually works to make human animals at least superficially, seem to coexist somewhat peacefully.