“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The two pastors that run this shelter are African American.

I saw one of them come out of his office door when I arrived and, talking to another black man, looked at me quickly then smiled, amused all while talking to the obviously less powerful black male.

Ive seen this a million times in my experience as a Targeted Individual.

There is an  African American conspiracy in the United States.

Its either independent which is doubtful or its allowed to continue and conquer as independent due to its existence somehow serving greater powers.

It could also be that its been set up by said powers in the US from the beginning to serve its agenda.

The folk or EuroAmericans from non slave owning classes or traditional ruling families of Europe also, are very naive about the age old relationship between the slave owning classes and their African slaves.

African Americans have expressed their motives for voting for Obama as being that life will b easier for them.

African peoples have probably been kept down if you will, so that they can be utilized by greater powers to opress their own peoples as well as everyone else.

The Boulé is an example of a group of high status and wealth for this purpose.

The African Americans we meet who are nice, decent and maybe victimized themselves are opressed by the blacks in on this as well as may be easily used as tools against non African-Americans due to their ignorance and naivety.

Ive seen way too many blacks in the USA in on gang stalking as well as the much more sophisticated black ops to doubt what I am claiming.

Either African peoples actually rule the world in some covert way through covert means or they are a  people most used in covert activities to do so by whoever does hold the most power in America at least.

It would be interesting one day perhaps in a foriegn land to find out exactly what I experienced here and if other nations are as disgusting as.to use blacks against their own people-no matter what class they are.

The EuroFolk can never be free so long as other peoples are used against us to oppress us while being told they are our allies.

Peoples who are different from the Target  are always going to have added motives when gang stalking.

I can deal alot better with organized crime types, Jews, rich people, sexists and jealous white women being in on my gang stalking campaign than even  one individual of African descent.

To most of my DNA blacks are totally foreign and unknown. To my Italian ancestry, using Africans against me is the highest insult. Italians are so.close geographically to African peoples that long ago we made clear to them as well as other neighbors historically, exactly who's land that was. Not theirs. The Italian sentiment is:you can move into the neighborhood next door, but come into ours and you're screwed. Italy may well be a modern sell out-even to Muslim extremists I hear. But I am talking about instinct from whats coded into humans-not some NWO agenda. Also.there are still news stories of Southern Italians having zero tolerance for Africa's nonsense.

Its truly been the absolute worst part of this experience looking back in retrospect.

Being a Targeted person a much larger demographic of people shud heed my warnings about the threat of such a great deception regarding peoples of African descent, in the USA and elsewhere.

No matter how oppressed and downtrodden they may be that reality does not mean they arent being used as legions to oppress the rest of us also.