“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Liberal's Racial Code Word Guide/The Best Side To Choose Is To Refuse All Options Now Being Offered


Hey liked the last post. But the Liberal Handbook Of Racial Codewords is pretty dead on actually. 

These types of anti-racist nazis are actually part of the problem not the solution. Ive been gang stalked, harassed, black listed and shunned in Cambridge and Boston worse than many other places in the USA.  Anyone pushing for an agenda THAT DOESNT LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE TO MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS OR FORM COMMUNITIES AND RELATIONSHIPS BY FREE ASSOCIATION AND HUMAN WILL should not be trusted.

The Liberal Elites are in on this just as much as the Conservatives or Neo Cons. Harvard??  Please...these elite institutions are corrupt. Many places here are either connected to intelligence agencies, the military (MIT) and/or have had documented involvement in projects like MK Ultra. According to many TIs, these activities havent ceased.

Pushing Diversity and race mixing as part of a social engineering agenda is as disgusting and suspect as the discouraging of such practices just decades ago.

The northeast is full of the kinds of narcissistic morons that the last post writes about. Just becuz they arent racist doesnt mean they arent classist or willing to go along with corruption.

The Left and Liberals use race as a weapon.

This is why many TIs who dont fall for picking a party or ideology but are sane, critical thinking, sensible Centralists end up being targeted into appearing or actually being racist, anti Israel /Jew etc.

Mel Gibson is so obviously targeted.  Myself and others who go up against the military industrial complex and its related interests get the same program with the same results.

They WANT people to become terrorists, Neo Nazis, White or Black Supremacists-extremists.

It marginalizes us and takes away from us our original nature and way of thinking thats truly about making peace or living in a world thats balanced and sane.

Perhaps Mel Gibson had Catholic beliefs that were strict but so do Jews. And theres often someone from Israel present at board meetings in Hollywood to ensure content isnt harmful to Israel.

Its how good people are at hiding their agenda from the public and how strong they are in numbers and power to intimidate the public from taking interest in exactly what they are up to.

I noticed long ago that PATRIOTS AND ANARCHISTS in the USA were often operatives, agents and their clashes seemed only to cause diversions.

Just like the 'gang stalking' system seems to harass someone like me into choosing Satanism OR Christianity but nothing else, it seems that the system prefers people to choose a group to belong to such as political party, ideology etc.

There is no winning team or side thats right. Critically thinking, sane, sensible people with a true sense of justice who want a functioning, balanced, fair system are the winners. And we are a great threat to America and its system of waste, chaos and dysfunction.