“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I've Finally Had Enough Of Being Disappointed And Driven Nuts By My Travel Companion

The kid i am with...his family are in on it.

He is nothing but a lazy piece of shit who's probably only with me to get out of trouble with the cops. I can face that now.

I have to get away from him and out of the USA asap.

Ive had enough of being so harassed that I keep having to settle for people who are simply part of the harassment.

I get alot of gang stalking with this guy around. Which is a red flag.

I shouldnt even b with him.

I constantly have to take care of him and its way  to stressful. I see now that his purpose is to further that stress and help cause it.

I CANNOT believe I fell for this. I need to learn to stay away from anyone who is in trouble with the law, has shitty morals i dont agree with or seems selfish and uncaring about me.

He being around me has made me more tired, fat, stressed and sicker.

His very presence around me has a silent but definite negative effect on me.

Ive been targeted too long and am now stuck in this world of shitty people who keep on becoming handlers, becuz I am not allowed to get out to be around decent people.

Its like I am forever doomed to b around headgamers.

I saw on his family's wall pics that frightened me. People wearing black and red, posing intimidatingly with dark glasses on and even a little devilish looking grandchild giving the sign of the horns in one pic.

Thats enuf for me, now I understand where this guy comes from. If he's not conshus of it then these forces are going to be working through him just the same.

I need people who are going to think about ME first and foremost and protect me from my situation, not assist the system in making me look crazy.