“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Galleria Mall Owned By New England Development-Another False Environment Created By A Faceless Large Real Estate Gluton


"Highly educated"? Most Of me going to this mall And experiencing gangstalking Consisted largely of young African Americans high school age who dont seem like they dont fit into those household income brackets nor do they seem highly educated lol.

being from Cambridge however they probably were spoiled rotten . Cambridge take very good care of this House Slaves.

You know, the blacks that I've experienced in the United States who traditionally go along with elite to do their dirty work and comply with their agenda.

I've also been harassed by the people who sweep the floors in the food court years ago. I also saw that creepy pedophile who owns Pearl Street laundry getting her nails done on the second floor a month ago.

You can't be all that highly intelligent if you're going to the mall.

I come here at like twice a year when I am in this area go to Sears to get a pair of earphones as I need special ones because of my latex allergies I aquired from that Bactrim induced anaphylaxis.

the mall sucks. All malls suck. any true New Englander has wud have a natural aversion to malls. Becuz malls are a creation of California culture and lifestyle and the strongly corporate culture in the south west and west coast. I been to frequently and that part of their culture is truly soulless and disusting. 

But with that much space and mountainous backdrops those locations can afford the folly of mall culture.

But Cambridge wasnt some suburban waste land with nothing for kids to do.

New England was just fine I'm with its shoppes, boutiques and outdoor shopping.

Malls dont belong in a very European-like environment  with highly edcated people.. of course I want to help transform that environment and its people into being dumb down and shopping in a completely indoor false environment.

Because corporate sameness nationwide create nation wide conformity. 

Its not my fault that Sears cant be found  anywhere anymore other than the zoo's known as malls.

I go, I get my 1 item, and I leave.

I believe malls like this are nothing more than behavior modification for populations of highly educated, high income household as listed in the demographics who populated area.

Fuck u Galleria and all your plastic people within.


This company is probably 1 of the assholes Who conned lied to and fooled the local people into getting rid of rent controlled apartments.

the homeless should start occupying space is like this owned by  real estate gluttons like this.

maybe we can come sleep at the fucking mall then.  keep fucking with me and I'll start huge occupy movement  houseless and poor people to start messing with corporate culture.  keep it up you pieces of shit.

And due to my experience and high intelligence my people don't be stupid enough to fall for infiltrators and saboteurs like Occupy was. Also we wont  be vague about our cause. Which  of course will gain more support and less media outlets labeling us mere rhetoric.

They are all just biding time until November election. because whoever gets in is going to support this plan to go even further for many years to come. America is going to be come more and more unrecognizable as a true democracy and defender of Human Rights.. and will look more and more and more of what it has been in last 10 years.

think about it the only reason I can write something this articulate it is because it's Sunday in a major role in it use to be liberal for highly educated people from rich households.