“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

EuroPeoples Should Deny All Influence From All Abrahamic Religions

http://www.bollyn.com/fearing-9-11-protests-netanyahu-cancels-us-visit/ Hey, as a blacklisted, wandering, nomadic outcast who's never really had a stable home I get it-the wanting to built a stable, safe place to call your own. I totally relate to wanting to implement racial and religious seperatist policies. I wish we Travelers and decent 'Homeless' could built such a place. An alternative to our host societies, a place to call our own. But we arent even allowed to have representation from within our communities. And the social worker types who handle us and represent us illegally force us to integrate with other homeless people who are severely mentally ill, drunks, crack addicts and unsavory without any character or of low intelligence and lack creativity. A large population of people who would have served as revolutionaries decades ago are now, by design, being kept down in the Homeless population here in America. No longer can people like us rise up and take action to create something alternative. The system now in place is so well informed, so readily aware of a potential leader coming up, that the Homeless Handlers always form coalitions before we can take grass roots action that are made up of them, not us or someone working for the system in our population is put into a position of responsiblity, not a true Homeless freedom fighter or revolutionary who will change the situstion. I of all people, can sympathize with Israel's motives at least the simple, basic ones. Safety, shelter, stability and family/kin/tribe. Yet displacing other people's is a problem. Its a very messy affair. You claim something is yours completely from so long ago. If only the Native Americans could do the same, eh? Yes, those war crimes are upsetting and wrong. Yet with what MY people have going on over here, its frustrating to see so many Americans concerned about foriegn affairs when there's a very unjust situation right under their noses. Israel and the Middle East are 'important'...and American homelessness is not. In part becuz the public only percieve America's Homeless issue as one of getting people housing or of curing mental illness/addiction.They dont even understand the human and civil rights issues- the legal issues that are present. The Homeless Industry and the government see to it that they never find out whats really going on. In this respect I wish the Middle East would just leave the rest of the world alone. In many respects: -Stop taking up so much attention and time from people who live outside that geographical area. -Stop allowing Middle Eastern religions, namely Abrahamic ones to rule, influence and command the minds of countless NON Middle Eastern people's world wide. If any people's have been enslaved without freedom for thousands of years, its Europeans, EuroAmericans and other populations of peoples of European descent. People protest that 'Whites' rule the world, but peoples of European descent are mostly under the influence of Abrahamic religions originating in the Middle East-giving all Middle Eastern peoples undue influence over our spiritual affairs thus our worldy ones as well. Btw-if you whine about people's of European extraction 'running the world' you are mistaken. There are numerous countries where power is dictated by other ethnic groups or races per say in their own regions namely. And if you want to create a powerful homebase well fine then. But then please proceed to pulling back all annoying, pushy Jewish activists who do things like dictate to Europeans and the like that Diversity is going to be thrust upon them as part of some new future WHEN ISRAEL AND JEWS PLAINLY HAVE THE OPPOSITE PLANS FOR THEIR OWN HOMELAND AND FUTURES. The Middle East and its religions could be accepted as part of Diversity in other areas of the world. Yet notice that wherever they are present they demand undue influence over their host country's peoples. From Christianity to Jewery and now Muslim extremists. Christianity has corrupted peoples world wide to the point of they identifying this MIDDLE EASTERN creation as part of their own identity, naturally. Thus the value of cult mind control and the campaigns of terror from the Catholic Church historically to force Europeans to mentally, emotionally and spiritually adhere to Christianity as part of their psyche for eternity it seems. Forever rendering Euro peoples easily handled, brainwashed, kept down and seperated from our power by birthright, from pagan heritage. If Israel wants to establish itself, especially through such means as Zionist terrorism, deception and coming on to Christians as some sort of brethren or spiritual originator via Christianity, then let them take 'home' with them all the decievers, the sabatouers, agents, operatives, manipulators and all undue influence that only serves to destroy and further enslave all NON Middle Eastern peoples. Its true that 'White' looking peoples can be found among various populations of the Middle East such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq etc. Interestingly, the current war efforts abraod are fast killing off those populations in great numbers. One wonders if these wars are about oil, land, politics alone...or is there something else? A ZIONIST OBSESSION WITH AT ONCE CLAIMING THROUGH WESTERN ACADEMIA THAT 'ARYANS' DO NOT EXIST BUT THROUGH WAR AND FOREIGN POLICY ENSURING THE LIGHT EYED, LIGHT HAIRED PEOPLES OF THESE ANCIENT CULTURES ARE DESTROYED, ENSLAVED AND WIPED OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH FOREVER? And at home, Jew inspired Liberal think, like Diversity and advertising to manipulate half asleep Christian EuroPeoples to race mix, not by individual choice but by design-the ethnic cleansing of the Middle East and beyond of so called 'Aryan' peoples? Perhaps they may want to wipe out any memory of other religions and belief systems that challenge thiers in historical significance, geographical location as well as can prove that the Judaism is a formely polytheistic religion that borrowed heavily from other religions of the ancient world in that region. Iraq is considered the cradle of civilization. All Ive seen over my lifetime and read about going on for decades before is the Jews and most Western cultures doing anything possible to destroy any remnance of ancient cultures, peoples or historical physical evidence of their existence. Islam does that very nicely as well. Its what existed in many Muslim areas BEFORE Islam thats important. Egypt, Iraq, Iran, north and East Africa etc. These three Abrahamic religions have destroyed countless cultures, peoples and historical structures of nominal importance so that now a great portion of the entire world is enslaved by these very destructive Big Three. The Jews want a homebase for their world wide operations of covert influence over other people's affairs. They should not be able to have both. Christianity has done enough to permanently damage the spirit of EuroPeoples everywhere. Enough is enough. Say no to a another thousand years of additional Abrahamic religious infleunce (such as Israel operating at full power, itself exclusionary, whilst dictating to EuroPeoples how to conduct our affairs) as well as the renewed threat of Muslim rule or influence. Be part of society yes. Take over-NO! Becuz if the NWO and 21st century is supposed to be about Equality, fairness and world peace the actions taken place historically only indicate more rule by terror, manipulation and brain washing....and yet more control from the Middle East over the rest of the world.