“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, October 20, 2012

All I Want Is To Write My Book, Thats All

Seriously. I just want to write my book. All I want is to write an account of  what happened and tell people about my life.

I am not even taking care of my health. The medical people just tell me nothng is wrong all the time probably becuz i am no longer important so its desirable  to let me get sick.

I  know whst everyone is doing. They are humoring me at the same time continuing to go along woth the blacklisting and shunning me so that I simply slowly fade into homelessness, illness and old age so no one ever knows I existed.

I dont want that to happen. I want to go somewhere where I will be heard and my  story paid attention to.

Okay so America is a horrible place now. Its become very selfish, evil and has basically become militarized and run by whoever is behind putting MINDWAR-mass mind control from theory into practice.

I obviously am never going to be able to live in MA or be welcome in Cambridge.

This is of course part of completing the ritual meant to steal my life energy before i die.

If i leave the USA or start a new  life anywhere for that matter, whoever was involved in doing this to me over the past years GETS AWAY WITH STEALING MY SOUL AND LIFE ENERGY FOR ALL OF ETERNITY.

Especially if I give into their convincing me to start again and become a quiet private silent person about what happened.

One alternative is writing a book and telling th whole world about what happened. This is a way of my securing a line or tie to that reality, what really happened -the truth, so I can feel confident in genuinely moving on.

But I mustn't seek success based on my talents now, before the accounts of what happened to me are published becuz success will be gained from the demonic energies that have touched my life due to whats happened to me, not my own true genuine inner strength as it wud have been had I been allowed to heal properly during the early 2000s.

This is wby its most important for whoever is behind this to keep me from writing my book qnd go over my documentation and instead push for getting a job, a lawyer, moving on and forgetting or else pushing for my focusing only on my natural talents being fueled now by my having dealt with evil so closely  for past ten years.

Neither is right nor appropriate. To tell about what has made me who I am today is only what will bring satisfaction.