“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Being Gang Stalked In Morris Illinois

I am in a truck stop. There are some extremely rude people in here watching CSI. They are one assumes truck drivers. However much of their conversation consists of discussing their past experience in the US military. One older man, a goofy guy with glasses made a point to brag about being "a military policeman at a nuclear...facility".

Before that he commented about a truck stop on tv that there's going to always be someone "begging a ride" and I am in here with my backpack. I have.do what I always do, bother no one and be quiet in the dark tv room.

Its very unusual to have very rude people like this at a truck stop who gang up on a hitchhiker. Truckers mind their own business.

THESE ARE PERPS or some citizens.who are aware of my identity and think they know whats going on.

I was driven here by a couple in a car from the last truck stop so it could be a set up from arrival.

There is a couple sitting near the goof with the glasses. Cowboy hat and boots. Aging blonde with him. I felt they were both focusing on me down in the store area like making sure I knew they were making fun of me.
I ignored this. However as the goof made fun of hitchers as I just mentioned, I distinclty heard her cattily talking to her uptight cowboy hatted boyfriend about a girl looking for a ride with "a bad haircut".

In the beginning they were watching and the cowboy commented of NCIS agents "they're all good".

This is a set up as far as I can tell. Perps are usually goofs and losers who seek power by gang stalking victims and frequently are obsessed with mililitary or law enforcement or make claims to having prior experience in military/ law enforcement or intelligence.
None of.this can be proven.

For all I know in this situation the guy is just a pedophile and is being a perp and pretending to have military experience in order to serve the system so he can avoid exposure etc.

Maybe they're getting paid the lot of them.


This situation is highly unusual. Usually ONE TRUCKER is an asshole but not a couple and a goofy old guy. As well as the whole room acting like its a party or a movie theatre.

Wait!! I remember an older guy was looking at me downstairs and as I started to apporiach the stairs to go to the truckers lounge he moved ahead of me. Like 'places everyone'. Yeah it wasn't normal.

And this young.kid was waking by me downstairs snapping his fingers.

Yeah its a set.up meant to get me pissed off and act out OR to further keep me depressed and brainwashed by feeling persecuted by The Public and legit authority figures.

GOTCHA! This time anyway.

Love's in Morris Illinois.