“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Being Hit With Nonsense In Breezewood PA in a McDonald's-Place Is Targeted As Hell

Getting this idea, advice almost that if I leave the country like I am planning to do in near future that Hillary Clinton would really get off on that. That the Clintons are very much behind gs campaigns especially becuz Bill Clinton was president when the President's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (which included insane, outrageous and totally inhumane MK Ultra mind control experiments but of course the title hides all that).

That she would really get off on that, if I was driven out of the country.
Yet at.times I get these ideations that Bill Clinton wants Survivors to follow through- to beat the system.
As usual I take none of this as truth or fact. But it.is intriguing to.consider.

Why would Hillary want to see someone like me fail?
Well IF lets say these pieces of advice are realistic, then firstly for political reasons obviously. They really screwed up MK Ultra survivors didnt they? Experimentees like my mother were harassed and intimidated into not showing up to testify or be part of class action lawsuit. As if the presiding President of the United States didn't know about these actions taken against survivors and experimentees trying to come forward?

Secondly in the case of my personal downfall, maybe she's a sadistic power loving b*tch who enjoys destroying lives and watching people fail.

Also subconsciously her motive may include the fact I.am a very 'thick', shapely female who's tall and brunette which seems to be the type of female her husband prefers to have affairs with. Unlike Lewinski however, I don't look as fatty which I know pisses off most horribly average American women anyway. My natural European grace makes them hate me. Good
Any bitches who spend their time paying attention to what other women have as opposed to minding the damned store and ensuring males don't destroy the country or the world for that matter (with the assistance of their pathetic house slave females and women who wanna be like the big boys and...ugh:
daddy's girls) deserve to lose and be jealous and pissed off to no end. They deserve punishment for avoiding their true responsibility in society and allowing the world to become such a mess.

They obviously aren't worthy women anyway. They deserve any kind of torment they get.or suffer in their own minds for caretaking males and living under them as opposed to stepping in and meaning it when things get as ridiculous as they have.

F*ck her and any other women who have to hide behind men or work through men. And the USA won't allow anything else anyway.

Another reason I want to leave. Jewish overeducated feminists should be the extent of the female voice of reason in America. I am sick of it.

So what should I do stay and sue the Clintons for ditching during MK Ultra committee in 95, becuz its obvious it shoulder have been military tribunals and international war crimes trials not petty committees on catering tables stuck into one room.

I bet Jay-Z and those bastard celebrities get better more posh treatment when being hosted by the US government and the president.

If I in all reality am too powerless to really do anything.about any of this then why should I stay in the USA?

This is how they make lone nut shooters. I could easily get frustrated after being tormented so much and figure its easier to just kill Hillary Clinton as a last gesture of my ordeal than to stay sensible.

But of course this seems like another Neocon sect trick to rid themselves of yet another political opponent from the opposing party. I also would NEVER harm another female in such a manner.

IHow about I turn a weapon on the current or former CIA head instead? Or Hayden? Or senior Bush...or any Bush for that matter?

Or look up who was in positions of power when.I got targeted in Boston? Police chiefs all of them? Detectives in Brookline etc. How easy would.it be to stay quiet.over the years and stalk and harm.they or their generations of family for decades until I am an old woman and.die?

These always have been options and always will be. However due to the fact I am highly intelligent, creative and was attractive and multitalented, superior through DNA.and programming- I don't take part in petty amusements and power games like mere mortals do. Let the ants and these spiritual peasants live their lives as is fated to them.

I, being above all of this sort of way of behaving, am focused on taking down the biggest prize game in the hunt. I want to tackle the largest world wide threat to humanity since the plague or Christian terrorism in the Middle Ages.

Becuz thatz how truly big I am. That is my right size on this planet. Not this small, nobody person they have made me into.

I'm bigger than all the people who collectively took me down in petty Boston or even the United States nationwide.

Hillary Clinton is...negotiable. Insignificant. Only her actions and her husband's in relation to justice for survivors of MK Ultra and radiation experiments matters.

In fact, the only thing that matters at all is my work.

Everyone else can go to hell. They don't matter.

This is also how they ensure a Target can't get justice in any measure. I can't exactly be angry at or gain justice from an entire community (Boston) or even a nation? So with constant behavior modification its planned for me to.drop it altogether and at some point be at peace with what was done to me and what was taken from me as far as health, looks, future etc and that I will go quietly.

I am going.to get my health checked. And even.if I.am.too sick to travel I am going.to leave the US anyway. And I am GOING to make formal complaint against Bush and the whole thing with countries like Switzerland who seem to know he's guilty of war crimes.

I will NOT be told no or given this life I am left with now as just the way it.is or this is what I have to live with now for the rest of my life.

I am.sick of being given the only option is that I get a job go.to school and move on as if nothing happened or to forget about what happened and accept it as part of my fate.

Somebody with a lot.of power, peoples and resources played fuckin games with me....and continues to do so. I want their asses. And if I can't have them.or even recognition.for.what happened then FUCK THE USA and even Europe if they want to play cute as well.