“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another Set Up Possibly

Met a guy out here in new city in Texas. Firstly I had to explain to him what gang stalking and being targeted was becuz he kept commenting on life long bad luck. Tonight however I mentioned that many inventors get targeted. He replied "I know" and elaborated on that.

He owes me like 80 bucks and we just had a disagreement and he left me alone out here on a foot bridge. He wanted to stay becuz he owed me money til he could pay me back. After an earlier drama with a place to stay we had for a few days I simply could not take anymore.

He had found a place to.crash- an apartment with this slightly eccenttic vetran and a 22 year old kid.

The apartment owner showed us his military ID. He turned out to be loopy from PTSD he claimed with a drinking problem. His other guest a 22 yesr old was fine until he drank at night. Tonight the situation got very out of hand and John he young kid is aggressive and likes to.fight..

It was over dramatic and loud. It was ok.for two days bit tonight it just blew up.

After we finally.left i looked our host up on the internet. Seems his only mikitary listin which was easy to find was being an MP in the in Las Vegas Nevada.

Also interestingly he's listed as having inventes siesmic reinfoecement systems with a.patent. He also came up under some acting company with a head shot.

His story may well be true, that he has ptsd and his crazy Asain x wife and dicorce (as well as drinking ) are whats made him the way he is.

The other theory is he may be targeted. TIs gravitats towardd eaxh other.

Then again how can I trust military experience plus being listed on a modeling/acting website and having invented somethijg that shows his mind is not average?

Tonight as he was drmam queening it up after John his young roommate got arrested, in the midst of conversation he mentiones,..."and Im not an actor...."
Why would he bother to mention that?

I also think the guy I was hanging out with was suspect. A few days ago at a park he was in the midst of conversation. Someone mentioned that something-a place or an object was "destroyed by a series of fires" . His reaction to that was this statement: "It couldnt be destroyed by just one...it was too strong" it had to be destroyed by a bunch or little ones, or he said 'series of fires'. Whatever his exact words the comment startled me. It is so exactly what has and is being done to me. Emphasis on the " it was too strong" part.

He also has a pagan designed inverted pentagram on his chest with claims of losing interest in Satanism due to it validating Christianity.

One time he expressed having a healthy respect for someone I forget who he was referring to, that was "evil and highly intelligent".

No place is safe for a Target. Either screwed up people seem to sense we are vulnerable or the system always has people keeping us occupied with such time wasting destructive nonsense.