“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, January 28, 2012

America is Hopeless

Everywhere I go the entire country is just...gone. So many people are just idiots nowadays. Wannabe gangsta or YUPpie. The culture has just been destroyed. And gang stalking is so prevalent. Nobody cares is what they are doing destroys the nation. Modern people believe criminal activity makes America strong. The entire country is now run by these groups and there is no freedom. America sucks.

No matter where I go its always the same. And the groups of people who they support through 'Diversity' as well as Wiggers and Wannabes are the sort of people who will sell anyone out to get what they want or house slave it up to the oppressors.

Modern Americans believe they are smarter than people like me becuz they are part of the majority that hold power over the individual as well as have access to technologies that give them this superiority.

The NWO is a horrid place populated by dumbed down average people who think they are better than and smarter becuz they are in on a person being targeted. For those of us who know whats really going on and who don't like living under mass mind control or being beat down so other ethnic groups can divide us, conquer and flourish its a horrible life. Its terrible.

There's no where you can go to get away from the harassment. They have too many people and they always find out where you are. And the public seem to be very into someone being targeted becuz the masses are now reduced to mobs. Its become hopeless.

And in other countries that refuse to put up with this crap they just sucker them into taking in radical Muslims or Africans who divide so they can be conquered. And people don't realize its part of the NWO. Its going to totally enslave mankind if it hasn't already.