“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Monday, December 19, 2011

Noise Campaigns That Result In Behavioral Conditioning Seem To Be Coupled With Suggestion Via Tech

one very common gs noise campaign tactic has always been the major train going by becomes unusually loud once the perps find out I am in the area and within ear shot. For some reason the train horn, overdone to be nothing more than noise pollution when used as part of a noise campaign, has the ability to really fuck with a TIs head. Its more than the result of long term behavioral conditioning or 'sensitizing' the Target to sound stimuli. It like certain other sound used on specific TIs goes right to the sex organs and actually causes sexual abuse on the TI. Yes it causes anxiety and also can affect the heart as much of the damage of a campaign is meant to.

Years ago I did not understand what I suspect now to be the case: that anything the perps do using human forces such as stalk or harass or make certain noises on purpose
HAS TO BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE USE OF TECH such as microwave, electromagnetic or other weapons listed in the tech section used commonly against TIs, that are documented to be able to cause dread, anxiety aggression fear etc in individual or groups of human beings. They would have to use this in unison with sound triggers. Or else I dare suggest good old fashoined psychics which do exist as a very nasty and hard to beat part of certain gs campaigns.

I have healed a bit from how deeply they had their hooks in me- how much control they had. Experiencing such a direct 'hit' in rape-like arousal feelings which translate into feeling being controlled by this system, should NOT be happening to me at this stage or with how free I have become from Pavlovian like conditioning.

Plus the ideations I got were of there being a very male presence associated with the train and even some vague picturing conductors etc. This goes along with how frequently employees of Amtrak and local commuter trains in states. (MA for instance) are directly involved with psychological warfare campaigns on a Targeted Individual. In fact they are some of the most arrogant, forward and excuse making perps I have ever encountered. They and the employees of Greyhound and local cities' transit are the absolute worst out of every kind of gang stalker there is. They have all the first responders beat. Unlike the first responders they dont carry any sense they are going against their job descriptions and 'doing harm'. Unlike sleaze bags who appear to be in gangs they dont suffer from that heavy vibe, guilt in the soul from crime or a sense of knowing your a total sleazebag or a sick sadistic piece of sh*t so you suffer through life and dont care anymore.

Public transit perps have a VERY smug little attitude or sense of being they throw off. It comes from it seems, existing in a group hidden beneath uniforms in public service, in a union yet never being suspected of corruption in the eyes of the public. They always laughed with a bit too much ease at their Target or used the person to get a cheap laugh getting out of work in their car, abusing the psychological warfare campaign for their own amusement. (These instsnces were not alaays males. Their shitty, traitor female counterparts are just as bad.And a million times more pathetic).

They always seemed to treat the TI like a stupid person being taken advantage of, an idiot, instead of a Survivor of mind control projects. Always made excuses for themselves without guilt and a bit too mu much ease...right to the TIs face, with a sense of never having to account for their actions.

If you read the history of the railroad industry in the USA it involves robber barons and much other legitimized scum. So why should the same attitude (and activities) not continue in modern times?

During Bush and under the excuse of war and anti terrorism these assh*les had themselves a field day- those days are over now.

And soon they will have to pay for every single minute thing each of them did.
Measure For Measure.
And with my nature and if I have any say in the matter....they will be crushed completely and vaporized as if they never existed in this world.
These totally flawed imperfect human animals should thank whatever they worship that I dont have any power to make that come true.

My point is be aware that much of the behavioral conditioning seems to be accompanied by remote influence.

Simple noise could not be so forcibly attached to an idea or concept without some form of brain washing.