“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taking A Bus Short Travel And I Know It Will Be Perp and Drama Free..Better Be

riding bus. used debit card even used debit card to see how stupid perps are. no MILABs, no hatassment, no weirdos, no situations, no covert annoyances that seem like normal life. No directed conversations, no disturbances, no asshole bus drivers, no filming, no crying babies...no gang stalking. i do not expect any crap whatsoever resembling the nonsense during Bush. no people waiting for me at stops either, unless they are covert about it.

The security guard has already power tripped by playing the psychological break down game of harassing me into telling me where i am going. he wasnt satisfied until i agreed with an answer je made up himslef just to get him to stop interrigating, becuz i refused to give up that informaton.

the security guard has no righr to badger me into telling him my destination nor does he have a right to even ask. he is also playing wierd sort of stalking intimidation games along with that qiestioning, though mild it was definate.

he then leaned on the counter and chatted with the clerks.

i am forty now and you took the best years of my life away with these bullshit games.
anymore crap like this from any employee of this major company and i report or sue or i can find out where the f*cker lives...perhaps where his kids go to school.
this isnt a fuckin game for your testosterone driven egos. i will fuck some shit up this time, understand?

Its not bush anymore and i am an old woman now not a confused young lady. i can film this bs and u dont neeed that now after that driver being filmed using a smart phone at the wheel.

the public are sick of the abuses from buses etc done under the excuse of 9-11. alot of these types of workerd just abused the public witj gross abuse of power.

no more bullshit. i expect a ride thats normal and someone inform that third world sexist f*ck to act professionally before he learns the hard way what Boston means, what Italian means and what programmed means.

The counter guys are nice, guilt probably who knows who cares. im too jaded to trust it or give a shit.

i nap before i leave and i dont expect any weird occurences with that either.

Right? You bet..