“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Worst Of Afro American Culture Serves As The Strong Arm For The Elite


The public are losing these battles and ultimately the war. The worst of African American culture has been exhalted and spread across the globe. Liberals and PC types accept this behavior and cover for it regularly as protocol. Its accepted that if you are poor and white you naturally have to put up with or even be dominated by poor blacks.

Worse, the upper classes keep much of the African American population as house slaves to protect what is theirs and further thier agenda.

There is an entire sick set up here in the USA that has stood for centuries before the arrival of Third Wave immigrants, which I come from. Americans whose ancestors arrived in the US at the turn of the 20th century, circa 1900.

Its not a system that perhaps a person like myself could see clearly. Many Third Waver descendants are wrapped up in a mentality of competing with other Euro ethnic groups still. For resources, identity or dominance. African Americans were simply one of these groups.

The uprising of they and their culture, in the US and internationally is a sign only of the renewed power of their traditional masters, not of they themselves.

Stay away from black areas even inner cities unless absolutely necessary, or unless down South where segragation guarantees a level of predictability and safety-just dont go into an area where you wouldnt be welcome.

America has always had this problem if one reads history, however the authorities usually take measures to stop such uprisings. The question should not be why these things are happening but why are the usual measures NOT being taken to stop them?

People need to be dumbed down, intimidated and hopeless in order to be enslaved. These things are being allowed to get out of control. Just as Muslims in Europe are most likely being allowed to infiltrate society and interfere with European homelands and cultures.

These types of discontented types are being used as intimidation against other groups, races, cultures, classes etc in order to create a particular KIND of order.

It sounds like conspiracy but with all the anti terrorism available, why cant the authorities prevent home grown terrorism.
Only upper classes or whites whos ancestors were present for slavery have any involvement in these issues yet all Americans are being forced to deal with destruction, domination and a dumb down of culture from the worst of Afro American culture.

The poor Black community is the arm of the rich, elite-both legit and criminal, against other ethnic groups.