“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Realize Must Be More Security Conshus

I was so sleep deprived but couldn't keep up with it. Last two days force fed myself sleep, day sleep is especially needed.

I also realized that due to my compartmentalizing and living through a sort of self created front alter for sanity I wasn't able to control my outlook in that alter. The Traveler would do stupid things like hang around Harvard and MIT . I didn't want to realize that in my situation that is not acceptable security wise.

I have spent two days away from there and generally feel much better I ever did near there. Its now easy to say with confidence that those two schools in some capacity are still involved in human experimentation connected to MK Ultra o at least mind control and behavior modification. MIT is definately involved with black projects.

I can never go to Cambridge again for life probably.

I now realize to stay away from all military base areas and schools like MIT or Harvard with any track record of being involved in black projects.

Thats why I got treated so badly at Mt Auburn hospital Watertown Cambridge line. Had big sign on it said teaching hospital of Harvard. So anywhere in Boston I am not going to get quality care and will be gang stalked becuz of their affiliations with Harvard etc. Its hard to accept but Harvard is very evil. I had even experienced sick harassment years ago from the kids who work at the shelter in the winter it was around 2009 or before I believe.

MA in general might be off limits but it seems downtown Boston in a.small area here is ok. Like nobody here gives a shit about gs me. Park St station was rough at one time but that has stopped. Maybe they just have other interests in mind and don't need to gs me. Like nothing is at stake for them.

So now at least I realize I have to think like gang stalked Rachael even when I would like to forget all about this and try to have a normal life.