“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Southie Still Thinks Its Badass Like Pre NWO

Stopped to do laundry. Over the years the Irish involved in this have been almost as arrogant and tasteless as the blacks involved. Crass, braggard and mocking. Death, destruction and crime flow easily through this community. I have never been pleased with being targeted by Italians in Waltham or the Irish in Brighton and some involvement in Southie. My great grab ('Nanna' or 'Nannie') is from Cork county. She told her daughter, my Nanna, about shutting the shades on Queen Victoria when she rode through the streets (this is what is done when the dead were driven through the streets ). How much more Irish do you want? Yet, they have consistently supported Julia and Jake and other people involved who are pure Anglo Saxon Protestant and German all the way. That does seem off doesn't it?

Becuz only money matters now. The only reason they can make movies starring the gay for pay Mark Wahlberg in every one and his two untalented buddies is becuz Southie is no longer that place anymore. Think like a criminal: if this place was that crime based anymore why would they risk the security of their enterprises by advertising such things in Hollywood produced garbage? (That never gets the feel of Boston right anyway in anything they have ever produced).

Years ago this place showed all the ugly scars of being gentrified as well as suffering from forced Diversity. Now its the same if not even more lame. The store owners are all foriegn, immigrants from Afro cultures are all over the place and Asiana own the laundries. This place got neutered a LONG time ago, so don't let Hollywood fool you.

The Irish I've encountered being viscous and cruel to me throughout this are punks, end of story. They act it, they look it and they seek power and attention from petty crimes and destroying human beings in a very UNbusiness like manner like typical punks.
Real men, real criminals keep business impersonal. Punks gloat and make it personal. A grave mistake.

Ireland is actively fighting the invaders from other countries who are going to overburden their tiny island....OUR tiny Island if they let them. Southie has allowed upper classes - WASP/Jew (: 0) sponsored gentrification and accepted 'Diversity' forced on them as easy as any punk with his ass in the air, gladly accepting what authority wants to give him.

Whores have more standards than these communities that are allowing this to happen without riots or other unrest. The Italians, being rooted in the ancient classical world around the Mediterranean, knew instinctively to not trust authority and make as much money as possible so that when nonsense like this occurs, they have the clout and money to keep invaders out.

BTW, Diversity isn't working becuz these are invaders who mostly don't want to move to an area and respectfully assimilate, they take over and multiply. And the PC YUPpies who encourage this don't have to live in the areas this is occurring in. WASPs are sneaky and stealth enough to know how to hide while pulling off the same imperialist, arrogant bullshit they always have and Jewish factions that push Diversity in this form on other populations are a people who generally preach, through family and Rabbi, to marry their own kind.

So Southie may have seemed dangerous during Bush or in my case, terrorizing a helpless middle aged female.with no resources but in reality this place is as cowardly, weak and pathetic as any other location that supports the NWO and is willing to sell out their own kind.

They have forgotten the stories, the lessons in fable, from the old country concerning the penalty extracted for burdening a female when she is vulnerable and behaving in an extremely unmanly and unjust fashion towards a female. And you can't destroy the Celts, no system has succeeded and no culture ever will though they keep trying.

And justice will be done as you can move to Mars and still not escape what runs in your blood from your DNA and your ancestors.