“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So what the hell is up with Gorgoroth's Teeth Grinding, @ 1:50? (after he ends his breath exhale at 1:44).
Anyone know what the obvious subliminals underneath are? You can hear speech underneath the music. Heard it many times before..but never NOTICED it. Like I wanted to notice it, but was under some sort of influence and couldnt.

(Kinda like that jerk I met on that Greyhound bus early on during this: Eddie Cox from Louisiana. Someone that looked very much like him was watching me talk on this pay phone in Denver CO, for 20 minutes freaking out on Scott back in MA. I saw this man watching me, but didnt really SEE him, know what I mean? I finally become fully aware of what I had been seeing subconshusly 15 minutes before. The worst perps I ve seen, they have this power. They seem to come in out of nowhere and disappear after they cause chaos, like whispering into the ears of some useful idiot.)

I assume there was always a reason for me to be guided into listening to this genre. The not printing of lyrics is obvious enough.

Puts the Beatles to shame.....

Armegeddon is real....isnt it? No one wants to admit this but its actually happening.

Whatever dude.

So Im supposed to wake up fully out of programming and be scared or something right?
I certainly dont want to be described as a mere nut case like certain real life rape victims of certain evil person's appetites. Thats not going to happen. Does the power hungry ego tripping ever end with these f*ckers? Unless of course this too is bullshit from the military, another ploy to pit targets against each other. Not sure yet, dont really care. When whole story is told, perhaps it will make sense then or someone else will have more info. Not too happy with what happened during Bush...not at all.

Actually Ive come to the conclusion that Armegeddon is bullshit and its being ACTED OUT like theatre and made possible by using tech such as HAARP to create natural disasters and of course tech for remote influence. Gee, lowering the population really has gotten complicated and theatrical hasnt it?

The powers that be know that in order to die for something, mankind needs to believe in something larger than himself. You sick of being manipulated yet, becuz I cant stand it anymore. It just gets more and more ridiculous. Why not just lower the birthrate instead? Its obnoxious.
I agree there are too many humans on the planet, and they are helpless, stupid, easily fooled, easily trained, ape like, violent selfish dumbasses who a part of me really hates and wants to see obliterated. Did I mention slow, weak and small? However, another part of me believes they have reedeeming qualities and they are so horribly sweet and helpless many of them, that they need assistance. But yes, they are horribly stupid and self destructive. They'd eat poison if you packaged it right for thier monkey mammal senses, agreed.

But this is not the way.