“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Friday, January 21, 2011

US Divorces Mafia and Marries New Crime Organizations to Take Care of Black Market Business and Dirty Deeds

By being so tough on organized crime as well as the constant busts I read about locally in government such as police, parole boards, etc one is going to be convinced that justice is being done. It makes Obama seem like an administration not lenient on crime as well as makes a great diversion from tackling the issue of all the injustice that people got away with during Bush. Its a great diversion. It takes the focus off the gross abuses of power during this past era that certainly seemed to include utilizing organized crime and other crime groups to get dirty work done.

Its not fooling me however as its just another part of the brainwashing scheme for this era. Instead of tackling the past abuses of power they keep presenting justice as continuously being served, which of course also does two other things. Justifies the budgets of many factions and disturbingly, validates the idea that only official authority can solve crime or can designate what crimes are worth solving. Again, everyone else is a terrorist or mentally ill..I know thats extreme but that is what it amounts to if very sarcastically expressed by me. Its just very inappropriate that the FBI and other factions after such abuses during Bush are now focusing on govt corruption. They know also this draws heat off of them for thier part in abuses of power during that era.

Busting the long visible Italian mob is joke and everyone knows it. People have known about this culture for a long long time now. Most of these people gone legit by investing their money elsewhere by now. As usual Italians are an old reliable to pick on when you want to go after darkies but need the blacks as houseslaves or as diversions with liberalism. The American perception of Italians is still just dark and menacing enough to make a great villain to focus on. Note that in the mediascape it is purposely kept that way constantly. Like Scarface said: you need me to focus on, so you can hide. ( I know he character was Cuban).

The African American gangs are now having thier turn being in power and actually trying to deny as such. There are many other gangs as well, people who know how to be very stealth such as Asian crime syndicates. What about the Russians or any of these factions? Face it, without organized crime, America would cease to be.

Every vid I see people watching now promote black males as the new Italian gangsta hearthrob type like the rat pack era for Italians years ago. Its just a bit much to take during an administration pushing equality and a liberal agenda based on bleeding heart sentiment. The white establishment is finally going to pay its debt, and of course the third wavers who were never really allowed to be part of the America that was here before we arrived are going to either be absorbed, scapegoats, sacrificial gifts or diversions. The menacing Italian is now revolting to the American psyche and they now embrace the menacing African American ideal, which is presented as romanticized and idealized. The replacement of Suki and the Sopranos in place of the older Italian stereotype is even worse. Ironically, many people of WASP culture most likely have Roman blood due to British occupation by ancient Rome and many successful people have Roman DNA but official ITALIAN-Americans have never been given the same rank as WASPs in politics. There is a first time Italian American house speaker in the USA but of course his last name is Thomas. Nice and WASPy.

We dont see any of these ideals in American media:
Italian star Monica Belluci

Young Italian Beauty

Italian singer

Cristina Buccino

Or even this:

Italian black model. Many African Americans are trying very hard to look whiter by going blonde or the media featuring blacks that are light as the ideal. This is an affront to all dark peoples as it infers the same racism that Semetic peoples and southern Europeans alike get in countries that still idealize the Nordic/Germanic beauty type as the ultimate. In America to this day, dark EUROPEANS or whites are portrayed as evil or used to portray evil, or domineering. This also gives us the impression that American blacks are trying hard to stay with thier white counterparts that are the Anglo ideal.
Even our most famous black model has green eyes and is light whereas Naomi Campell is decidedly dark and proud of it. Thus we quietly and jokingly refer to Tyra Banks as the 'poor man's Naomi Campell'. A very American creation reflecting American preferences for lightness as social acceptablility. 'Blacker' images of African Americans are usually marginalized to ghetto culture or very 'black' culture in the US. In fact only Latin stars reflect any resemblance to Italians in the USA as popular media images.

Or even this:

There is no ideal for American motherhood or beauty or strength as this in American media. This is the same woman as you see in the first pic of Italian beauties above. SHE IS 46 YEARS OLD WITH HER NEWBORN BAMBINO. In America she would have been trashed by now and replaced with the next pedophile obsession like Brittany Spears was that ideal for years in her youth.

Or, sadly, even this(which I would like to see more of):

No American male beauty is allowed to be so precise nor have such a look in the eyes as this. That would mean that females would have to be able to return such intensity and America wants well behaved women not Euro strong women with normal sex and sensuality drives. Only Spanish television like Telemundo has guys that can even remotely dress properly or look good past age 50. Justin Beiber is yet another non threatening boy dream in a long history of such in the US to teach young American girls how to be tasteless and weak early on.

No, in the USA we have to have this be the Italian ideal:




Or this image that is always in circulation and never seems to evolve. In fact they are made to look more cheap than the Godfather ever did, probably heading for the disposal unit as the news story above shows the Italian mob image has lost its usefulness:

The Addams Family it looks like. And what is up with the blonde in the WASPy Chanel get up? Is that really necessary? A bunch of brunettes is just too much for the USA to take isnt it?

This is just the coolest image isnt it?:

In this era if America did allow for anything but cheapest and lowest common denominator in media images, as on the fine art like pic of Monica Bellucci, they would have mobbed and destroyed her by now, in the ongoing insane quest for 'equality' by any means necessary it seems. Destroying our greatest beauties seems to be part of the agenda now. Lowering our tastes helps lower our intelligence. Its part of the dumb down of the nation.

So its the African American gangsta's time now and it seems times favor all new incoming immigrants from Africa, India etc. Take your moment in the sun now, but I warn you- if you dont become like them, or join one of the strict class definitions in the USA probably WASP or resemble them most, your original ethnic heritage will be thrown in the trash when its bastardized version is no longer of use to the agenda or it will forever remain vilified and used against you later to keep THIER ideals in power.

I should know. My maternal and paternal family are all blondes. My parents are the only two in each family to express any Spanish (black Irish) or Italian features such as dark hair or green eyes or olive skin. I was always secretly considered an abomination of two children straying from the genetic path. My mother hated me for being a 'Ginny' and getting on not only with Italians as a baby but with Latins naturally. I was told by an art teacher who knew at least the cover story, who was of Italian decent that one of the psychological tricks used in my campaign was that I was dark so it was easy to have me perceived as threatening or evil or dangerous, and this was during anti terror paranoia where I think people subconsciously were suspect of anyone with such features.

The latin and Italian cultures also seem less afraid of female sexuality. My body type was also used against me to back the idea I was stupid, a bimbo and that whatever immorality that was being exposed to use as a cover story would seem more like I deserved to be targeted.

Note that both my ex Jake even though he harbors actual Jewish blood, is the Germanic/Anglo southern boy ideal, my old associate Julie is WASP rich girl gone bad all the way, and my mother now hides behind a family that has white washed thier image with putting my uncle Tom's kids at the forefront as representative of thier success , she is blonde, blue eyed, an genetic engineer and an ordained minister (which means they sold out to the WASP ideal by dropping Catholicism I guess). These images that people are not conscious of were used in my campaign not only to vilify me but to make my betrayers and enemies look more socially acceptable.