“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1/19/11 post by text: missing boy/Aquino similarity

-Just saw pik of giovani the little boy who disappeard years ago in MA. Look @ his old foto. Looks like michael aquino's eyebrows and hairline....
-Interestingly when that foto came out it was just as i was discovering aqiuno's link to all this. Just as i was going 2 really dig in2 that, those fotos were...
-Plastered all over place especially 1 in kenmore sq. I was there every day panhandling. Silenced me REALLY quick.

(I also was hesitant to run with this as it may be a set up. Aquino may very well be all that he seems to be: satanist, military psy ops officer, pedophile and a large part of bringing in Nazism into the NWO. However, he is SO out with his image it also makes him a very easy target. And the gs system has a habit of misdirecting to buy themselves more time and waste the Target's time as well. Whether it was related to Aquino directly as a threat or not doesn't matter. It was a threat and it was intimidation. The reason it may be so passe is that I think everyone feels that Aquino is now safely past being called on anything really. And I know that..but it has to be documented all the same.)