“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The News

Watching Free Speech TV, its now on regular cable or TV sometimes during the week. Like it better than Democracy Now which, since Obama I do not trust at all. And for some reason I dont trust that woman who does much of the hosting on Democracy Now! I found them helpful during Bush but now there is something very NOT kosher about it.

Free Speech TV serves the purpose of doing what the popular news shows should do. It interviews actual politicians and discusses in a simple manner important issues to citizens of this country.

It really reflects the peace and lack of drama and stress that WOULD EXIST if only the system that causes chaos and has constant psychological warfare on the public was not allowed to pump out its bs over the various airwaves.
The regular news, especially local news peddles constant drama and bad news. It is psychologically and emotionally unhealthy, it keeps people in a state of stress. Even the anchors tone of voice is stressed, full of drama and are obviously the result of thier mediocre acting skills.

That Arab comes on, that woman who seems to believe she is one of the only people who can say things that not many other 'journalists' can. Ompor sorry I dont know her name exactly. With her good looks and foreign accent she is going to be be more credible. But the content of her show is playing along with the system for sure. Obama is dramatically refered to as 'The Closer' just like the horrid TV show starring another aging anorexic blonde from Hollywood.

Back to a local news show now becuz some older woman wants to watch the weather. Of course we have to sit through alot of garbage to get to that. And of course the ads are works of art compared to the news, which is really the fluff between the ads, which are the true focus of the show.

Some kid got hit by a car, named Jake. He was a 'good kid' and was into sports so of course he must have been good. Sekonk. What shocks me is the man who says "Things happen sometimes" to explain away the death.
This is whats wrong with local news, and if i had my way there would be no monopoly of this mental garbage for the people of this country. You cant outlaw it fair enough, so then have a show like Free Speech TV that is just as highly funded with a big budget as well to rival this garbage doled out to the public to keep them in a state of childlike regression.

Saw McCain speaking about Dont Ask Dont Tell. I like McCain I would have voted for him if only he did not have Romney with him and then Palin just did not help at all. The liberal jerks just went after her, especially obnoxious was that average talent b*tch from SNL a show that has been brought back from the dead many times never to regain its original glory. Hey, thats what the entertainment industry does in America. Death itself never stopped the media complex from making money off of either a person or a show- both 'product' in thier minds. Who does reality think it is to get in the way of cheap entertainment, dumbing down and manipulating the public for years on end?

He made fun of liberals which was great, predicting in his jaded way (is it jaded or is it wisdom of how the world works?) the talk shows will coo over the decision tomorrow but that MOST OF THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THIS NEVER SERVED IN THE MILITARY. Of course he is corrrect.

So then the 'news' shows us a sound bite from an Asian homosexual officer, who says when one is on the 'right side' of history one cannot go backwards.

As a Gen Xer I understand that the old guard always goes out and I appreciate progress. But the way its being done in this country has a very sneaky, deceptive quality to it. Its not honest progress social or otherwise as we were all for in the 90's. There is something very manipulative about liberalism now. Something that is serving the agenda that many differing factions seem in on. I cant put my finger on it but making the military more liberal is like creating behavior modifications like erasing memories of trauma or battle or creating robots to do our fighting for us, which only makes money for the military industrial complex.

War is not supposed to be progressive. Its supposed to bring out the absolute worst in man, and show humans just how powerful man's body, mind and spirit can be when in a survival situation. Its also supposed to teach the lesson of peace.
You cant understand the value of peace and true freedom unless you understand horrors like war. Making wars easier is NOT a good thing. I think people are trying to keep the economy going by stabilizing the military industrial complex as a constant money machine so in order to do that war has to be made more attractive or more easy to deal with.

No one should be traumatized and then mind wiped. ALL of the crap that is being done now, from the point of view of someone like myself who has seen what really goes on covertly, seems to be to serve the military industrial complex and its contractors. No one sees the business it is or how huge powerful corporations have enormous control over what happens to us nowadays.

You may not like McCain but the only people who seem to make sense often are military men like Ike who warned us about the military industrial complex early on. They also seem a hell of alot more honest, forthright and alot less sleazy than CIA types, which strangely I can spot even before they are introduced or open thier mouths in interviews. They are usually manipulative and sleazy looking as well as have this look that just irks me to no end-this arrogance that makes them appear to believe that everyone outside thier circles are stupid, ignorant children who believe what they want them to believe.
Now watching Joe Biden on Meet the Press saying that the main interest now is "Getting people back to work". It reminds me of the attitude that has been revealed many times to me by this system and perps themselves- saying things like "its over" to me on the street while pan handling. Pushing continuously to get me to forget and go to UMass Boston. This statement goes along with the way this administration seems to be all about behavior modification in the interest of getting Targets 'back to work' or back to a normal existence after what happened during Bush.

We have to keep fighting. We have to reveal to the world, whether people listen or not, it HAS To be documented somewhere for history's sake at least.
We have to show reality to the world even if they want to reject that and call TI's mentally ill or whatever they want to do to deny our experiences.

Joe Biden is talking about the budget. Hearing him speak is comforting, why cant he be president. When Obama speaks its really annoying. He sounds like a dictator but one with a baby bottle in everyones mouth.....oh jeez, Biden just said in order to get things done we have to "Use medicine we dont like". Again dumbed down the public and treating us like children. He is now selling an increase to military spending to support the troops. Gee why dont they use some of that 17 billion or so they cant account for?

This is all such bullshit. Its gone into such a downward spiral now. The public is so traumatized that they will tolerate such pablum. Its disturbing to see Biden and Obama being so pushy and arrogant. Im sick of being dictated to by a bunch of obnoxious men. Now hes saying that being gay in the military has nothing to do with your ability to shoot or translate. Yes, we want to make killing people more comfortable and attractive. I am usually very for gay rights even marriage, one of my liberal streaks I guess but the military is NOT civilian life. True though that many allies have an open policy, well lets see if it works.

If only Hillary had gotten in..ho hum. Oh also, alot of our allies also have had women leaders, which we seem to have a problem with. I have a feeling that if gay MEN were not involved in the gays in the military issue that it would not be as important. MEN...
Its like shooting straight is all that the military consists of. They never want to admit how violent and nasty the military is.

Its amazing to see politicains managing the public for the corporation's interests becuz I now see fully that is all they do.

Now he's talking about the intelligence community..OKAY, its time to stop watching this. Its getting to deep in here..

Why do I get the feeling that this will never be fixed or rectified. That the world will go on just fine without me that it will stay with the bogus official stories and history lines. That the truth is no longer important and its true what my mother said: No one cares. No one is going to believe it or pay attention.

Now the interviewer on Meet The Press is telling an arrogant, dictatorial Biden that he and Obama came to Washington claiming they were bringing 'change', it was a great moment as it broke Biden weaving his spell ( he uses alot of brainwashing tactics, his voice in itself if you listen is very VERY good for what he is doing. He has a good voice for convincing, his tone and voice inflection. He sounds like an announcer in an ad.)
After being questioned the anchor asks about being a Phillies fan to break the awkwardness of Biden blowing out his ass on that last question. Two good little boys doing thier jobs to secure the agenda.