“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Emotional Signatures Used In Pavlovian Conditioning

I posted a few entries by crappy mobile phone. I noticed that perps got very nervous overt his as well as my being back in Cambridge.
I know its hard for people to understand that have not been through this. Its why non TI's and people not familiar with covert activity believe we are just mentally ill.

Its just like mobbing or bullying anywhere else. Its done very very discreetly and its sophisticated psychological warfare. The people behind campaigns like mine are obviously privvy to a deep intelligence rundown of info about the Target, these people set out to win from the get go with little chance for error. Its thier job. Geniune TI's are not delusional, they are being victimized by a system that is so out of control of the public that if people do know about what is going on they dont want to interfere. There is no official authority that is going to interfere with these campaigns. TI's often receive assistance through more covert activity of a rival faction to the gang stalking perpetrators. It is the only defense in such activities.
But believe that it does exist.

Just becuz someone is totally powerless against an full scale attack on them that saturates any area they are in does not mean they are mentally ill.
A former agent of a foreign spy agency claimed that thier organization would put 200 or more agents out on ONE enemy agent or person of interest. That right there is what a 'gang stalking' campaign is like.

In case you havent read up lately intelligence organizations are totally out of control. According to the NY Times recently the DEA has become a world wide intelligence agency far overstepping their original role in drug related issues. Charles Schlund, the Yale graduate who worked in this field who then was targeted due to not selling out sued the Bush family and had a legit lawsuit against the gov and Bush. I believe there was some success in a civil suit in Canada but not the US. He claimed that one of the things he knew too much about was that the DEA was partially an arm of the CIA and got dirty work done for them.

You cannot make a judgment about things you do not know enough about. Most people dont realize how covert ops work. These agencies dont just fight crime or hunt down 'bad guys' or quietly manage terrorist threats the public need never know about. Parts of certain intel agencies have been notorious for years in ensuring that corporate interests are pushed through and also intefer by monkeying and tinkering covertly political affairs in foreign countries.

However, there also have been many private security companies recently who have taken on such activities and are supposedly hired out by govts and private companies to do such things which of course should be illegal or have more limitations than governmental bodies. I recently posted about an add on Craigslist that was recruiting people to a security company and outright mentioned "targeting" people as one of its functions. So it may be a number of people outside the US govt. And how much of the US govt is now privatized anyway? This means they have no responsibility to the public not like a govt.

The world is now run in a very complicated manner and I suspect what is intimated is correct- that much of the world has been privatized and the people dont realize that- and the corporations dont really have an obligation to tell anyone either. To spell it out.

9-11 allowed all kinds of ways that such a power structure could basically start controlling an entire nation of people and thier whole lives. The problem is that people believe thier govt is protecting them and seem to not realize that the line between the private sector and the govt run by its people (if ever that was the case) has been blurred.

Ask yourself exactly who you have handed your power over to for the sake of protection? Becuz too much went on during Bush for any of it to be legal under the human and civil rights laws of the USA. This seems to be ignored, that means that somewhere someone is either now allowed to run amok under current laws or they are doing so using extreme methods to silence victim witnesses.
When this started the purpose was not to modify me as a human being or to extract information from me it was to have me killed or driven to suicide. So any excuses anyone comes up with are totally invalid as to me deserving this or needing modification. Those are all parts of the cover story or brainwashing so that I and everyone else believes such things to be true.

These people have so much money and resources its expected I will not fight back or defend myself. People like my mother got in on it either to not get targeted or becuz they felt that they would never be caught or face consequences. This brings us around to the reason we HAVE laws to begin with. People will take part in criminal or murderous behavior if they feel they are protected by powerful factions.

Just recently I got this impression, about 3 weeks ago, when someone drove by and looked at me packing up my sleeping bag in Harvard Sq- it was very much like what my mother used to act like when I was down or when I couldn't fight back. It was this feeling of the person seeing me in such conditions and getting off on it, really evil. The same vibe as I would sense from my mother years ago. Arrogant and very sneaky. I got the same feeling when a bank shut down my account and I still owe them money.
Whoever is doing this is very attached to the system of the real world. They have little concept of fighting for justice or creating something that will last the test of time long after one is gone. The are very very into the idea of destroying my life in ways that the common people will believe or take into consideration like food, shelter, tax records, banking, credit ratings and other mainstream things that our society uses to judge normal people by normal standards. Whoever is very unconcerned with higher concepts or thinking in the abstract. They are only concerned with what make me look like a screw up or mentally ill in the short term to the average citizen of the USA.
This is why gang stalking is used to ruin someone's life in society.

Whoever is behind by campaign however they are very stuck at the level of normal modern society and average people's perceptions. Once again thier mind set is very much towards group think and the mob or herd.

To them I am right where they want me and weak due to my life being 'ruined' so easily. Which of course is totally not the case in the context of what is occurring in the big picture and in time.
This is how these people operate. With total attention to the now and the mass. Which is why these campaigns are so high school becuz its geared towards an anti-popularity contest.

Even when I take action on the internet towards victory in the long term, I get this feeling that someone is admiring my courage or my tenacity but is convinced that I am wasting my time with going up against such a monolith of a system.

And you have to assume that all of your communications are monitored. The problem is that I often can sense what the monitor is thinking, which of course might just be part of the mind control involved. If I am constantly hit with feelings of doubt or that I am taking on something that is bigger than me and hopeless it will interfere with morale.

Its worse now than during Bush. There seems to be more tech involved than before and its so heavy handed that one cannot even think for a moment to one's self without interference. This is probably why many people were gang stalked in person so heavily during Bush- the rule of thumb in this as i have posted is that wherever there is not sufficient technology to manage a Target that person will encounter a heavy in person human forces stalking and harassment campaign.

I would say that the in person gang stalking is alot less damaging than the tech. The tech slowly eats away at the mind and destroys the persons sense of Self and mental capacities. I am also in a very bad area for tech and should have left awhile ago.

If you watched that vid from Nick Begich I posted then you know many powerful corporate entities are involved. In this case as i have posted before it might even be other factions of govt protecting and assisting TI's against the corporations behind this and thier hired perps.

Its definitely about suppressing victim witnesses.

Tech is very dangerous now much worse than it was during Bush.

I noted that when I logged on my phone that I did not get the same feeling I always get when I log on by computer to these blogs. And when I log into blogger I get a good feeling, its prob the only consistently positive feeling i get. Which means i wud b conditioned like addict 2 post often.