“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Sunday, October 31, 2010

60 Minutes tonight

Watching 60 Minutes. The wealthy warned people a few years ago about Obama and leave the country and take yer money with you. It seems they were right.

I agree that business men have a right to start business and be successful. The rich should pay more however what they are saying about govt spending being wasteful. And taxes are "demonized" and percieved as "a metaphysical evil" becuz THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ARE KEPT IN THE DARK ABOUT ALOT OF WHERE THAT MONEY GOES. Defense including the black budgets are ridiculous. From being a Target I can tell you that much of what is going on with the military industrial complex is highly competitive and defense is cut throat and out of control.

There is alot of corruption and waste in govt spending on a state or city level as well. HUD and low income housing to shelters I have seen it. Govt money is being used in many ways to make money for businesses is what is seems like. People treat it like its free money.

You know other countries have a surplus of money and live well. America needs to grow up and face that fact that making money in a Capitalist system is always going to cause a tug of war with govt spending or cause problems. I have had simple businessmen, like someone who installs windows give me a dead serious look like murder along with telling me that denying anything wrong with the windows makes it so he and other business people involved dont make any money...that it is good 'business' for everyone. But that is when I was living in a low income funded apartment. It was tax money paying for alot of my rent. And paying for things to be repaired that didnt have to be obviously.

The problem with alot of what govt pays for is that business people want to make money off of that system wastefully. Also there is alot of corruption and skimming by individuals. Cutting social programs is the only way to stop corruption? Its disgusting how this country cannot seem to get themselves to just do the right thing or do what they are supposed to do without stealing or wanting to get ahead.

I dont think America can behave or be run any differently. And I personally have suffered mentally and emotionally from every four years someone pulls to thier side in the tug of war between the Dems and the Reps. Get a system that works to begin with and keep it that way..then fine tune it. I personally cant stand chaos in the name of making money for everyone. As far as I have seen over the years the system doesnt work.
If America were honest about that perhaps they would not be so disillusioned when things change so drastically or things are not working out.

Years ago you could afford to have a small private space, a few friends, the freedom to travel and meet, mix and mingle socially, have community, work just one job to live simply. So why is this very simple American dream so hard to come by nowadays? Its as if not wanting to partake of wealth or even middle classdom is now penalized even looked down upon.

I think in order to keep American wealthy the pressure has been put on the public to make life difficult and have people compete fiercely when its not necessary.

One of the main reasons I am not respected and people dont see the harm in destroying my potential and taking away all of my civil and human rights is that I am single with no husband, no children, no large bills, no credit cards, no property and so therefore I am not a loss or it doesnt matter as I had no real responsibilities in life, so wasting me didnt matter. Also in the position I was in it assisted people who do count with money and responsibilities to others to get rid of me or destroy my chance at a future. Or it pleased such people to do so so it was worth is.

This is how disgusting and sick American culture is. People honestly do NOT see anything wrong with wasting me in order to please or save other people who they consider more 'valuable'. Thats becuz thier value system sucks. This country is incapable of being honest. As long as you have that little 'problem' then you are going to have all this insecurity and difficulty. But Americans dont care as long as they have or can get the things they love so dearly such as material things.

This culture really believes that paying thier mortgage and putting THIER children through college is more important than human lives.

This is why we along with Israel seek to destroy any and all spiritual based culture in the world that does not bow to this system of value. Tibet is another example. Destroy Tibet, destroy Tesla destroy anything and anyone who either comes up with better ways of doing things that might destroy the system in place or has the pure, raw metaphysical energy and brainpower to live outside the system of slavery.

This is why they all look so guilty when they pass by TI's. Becuz they have signed themselves away to a mortgage and the expectations of such a system or society and they are truly forced to comply with all the destructive things that go on.