“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” --Maya Angelou

Saturday, September 3, 2022

More election time shenanigans in Massachusetts this time it's colorized

Whatever this nonsense is that has been systematic ever since became election time in this state that has been directed towards me and my partner that is decidedly colorful if you get my points it better stop when the election ends and by the way I have no idea what anyone thinks the psychological effect is going to be or the behavior modification of this but it's not going to work.

It doesn't stop then every single person after election time because I'm willing to give this ridiculous system here that allotment of time because I know how this state works after the election if this colorful troop does not stop with the ongoing daily vicious brutal harassment I'm going to have to start taking pictures and calling the police on every single perpetrator and making it an issue of trying to do bodily harm or hurt a disabled man I don't care how colorful you are it's not going to fly and I don't give a s*** who the attorney general is I don't care who the district attorney is I don't give a damn who's in office these people that you think are taking over are being put in office as puppets by people who are genuinely in charge that you will never see just like every other century in this country especially in this state so cut the s*** this isn't a f****** revolution it's just New blood and it isn't your time so much as it is your time in front of the cameras at the forefront and as the new puppets you'll be pushed aside for someone else cuz it happens to everybody the same exact way power doesn't give a damn about you your lives don't matter anymore than anyone else's this is all your atypical con job for somebody's agenda so stop living in delusions there is no promised lands there's only being born either being part of the problem part of the solution or part of the corruption where you gain from it and you either resist every day and that is freedom and then you die or you choose the path of most comfortable enslavement in the society we live in there is no revolution there is no promised f****** lands and if you don't know that now if you want to take over go the f*** ahead you're going to learn it real fast cuz the people in the blue and the people that are masons and Prince Hall and people that have been in charge who come from house slaves that have been Rich for two centuries now did the public doesn't know about but I actually do know your history they already know how heavy that crown is in that throne so go the f*** ahead but leave me out of it you're never going to change my mind and you're never going to change who I am.

You will be subject to the same scrutiny as every other f****** kind of person you want to be full of s***? Then I'm going to call him as I see him you're not going to get special treatment as a matter of fact I tend to give you special treatment cuz I grew up around this stuff in Boston but if you want to f****** stop playing hard don't do what you want Italian because you ask every other dumb f*** out there who's tried it and they're all afraid of us and notice how you can only start pulling all this crap in the city after all the Italians leave we've been ruling Europe for thousands of years and we've been dealing with you assholes in the Mediterranean in North Africa and the continent for thousands of years do I look blonde to you? I know exactly what I'm doing and I am not afraid of anybody people might scare me but that's not me being afraid of people anybody can be scared if you're sneaky and vicious enough so keep it up and I'm going to turn around and bite if you keep treading on me and I'm going to win if you want to live in this delusion because you've been repurposed for the millionth time in this country go ahead the only reason they're still not putting you in jail and making you sell their crack while filling up the privatize prisons to 90% capacity is because they caught caught doing it and people started to come up with theories like the complex you know the psychiatric prison academic military etc complex along with making the rap music and such a way 20 years ago that it would feed that culture well now they can't get away with using you like that so now they're going to put you out front how f****** blind are you? Don't feel so bad most other colors of people especially the paler kind aren't too bright either but I expect more of you actually that you would get that this is a game. Because the smart m************ in your culture certainly know it's f****** game you think it's real go the f*** ahead rides a wave but leave me out of it and by the way you better know one thing those of us that do live revolution every day those of us that live outside the system and always will until the day we die because the system f***** us so we are not going to come back in day for its approval we're going to fight until we die let me tell you something and you better listen real careful the minute you become middle class and you become legit, the minute you become the people you want to replace you become our enemy you cannot have it both ways. You're either establishment or you're not you choose to become like them you choose middle-class legitimacy and being part of the corporatocracy that's fine but don't think you can get away with all this magical hoodoo voodoo mind games on the side that you're so used to serving the purpose of the man in charge for. I already see the light of the source of life leaving your eyes. Your people are becoming Stone dead just like mine. Collectively I don't see any of these youngsters got any so if you will. So you're obviously making progress becoming like middle class white people. Good luck with that.

If you want to if you want to keep on doing that this is not about color if you want to keep on working for them joining them and becoming them then no one thing this is not going to be about color this is going to be about you're the establishment I'm the Maverick and I'm going to keep on doing what I'm doing against the established powers that be if you want to change sides go the f*** ahead I can't blame you because they kept that carrot in front of your nose for so long and the people that we're dealing with now are the people that could never get out of those areas they kept them in for reasons I won't get into everyone else has moved on but I dealt with you during busting in the 70s in Boston and the people back then that are your grandmother's age and your mother's age those were my peers when I was a child and that environment is a hell of a lot worse than what you f****** have now there was no internet there was no money and nobody gave a f*** because I was there and I seen it so if you think I'm afraid or it's going to affect me you got another f****** thing coming compared to what I seen in the old days in your culture you're spoiled rotten Middle class brats already I don't give a f*** how colorful you are if you will you cannot work off of that as an identity to get a free pass forever and just because there's a change up right now don't think you can use that to get to me because of all the other kinds of m************ they said after me can't get to me you certainly m************ ain't going to.

I'll let this s*** go as long as that ridiculous f****** pretend democracy ritual goes on known as an election and yes I do vote because I exercise my right to vote even though I know it's fixed cuz that's what it means to believe in constitutional government instead of being a terrorist and trying to form your own God damn separatist society while trying to work for the corporateography talk about hypocritical to face b*******.

This ain't St Louis in the middle of the night this ain't East Saint Louis it ain't f****** LA and ain't down near the damn border and it's not m************ Seattle and it ain't mother f****** Orlando Florida and it ain't New Orleans name some more f****** places I've been everywhere and this place is way more f***** up than here you know damn well if you go too far here you're going to be completely f***** trying afraid if I was in Houston maybe I might worry so keep up the theatrics but if this doesn't go away by the time this ridiculous election time is over because there's always kicks up during election time in this goddamn state I don't know why and it'll give a s*** then I'm going to start doing something about it so have fun while you can cuz if this s*** keeps going on after that then you going to see a real player in action. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Black Male with Maryland Plates Threatening Locals with Threats Of Shootings, Holding Object Looking Like Gun

 East Cambridge/Somerville line, McGrath highway vehicle was stopped on highway right at entrance to Twin City Plaza near McDonalds (technically in Cambridge). Maryland plate, white vehicle with and unknown driver and a young black male passenger making threats, ranting, claiming to have a weapon and threats to use weapon. 

Maryland plate 7fb 3373. White lic plate 

The black male passenger is jumping out of the vehicle screaming at random passerby's near the plaza he is threatening to shoot people with a gun and he is threatening to kill people for no apparent reason. 

There are witnesses in the street and in the McDonald's nearby in the Drive-Thru. I highly suggest that somebody check out this license plate and this vehicle it could be anything from stolen to who knows what's going on and I believe that the person in the passenger seat should be sectioned for 3 days to see if he is a danger to himself or others because he's making threats to do bodily harm to others for no apparent reason.

The person in the  vehicle making threats seemed triggered by somebody walking with me that pointed at traffic coming towards us because we weren't crossing in the crosswalk and at the cut through we were crossing at traffic can be dangerous.  the agitated person claimed my companion was "pointing at his car".  He stoppped, made hand gestures as if he had a gun and he also had an object in his hands that made it appear he did indeed have a weapon, but on closer inspection I realized he was  only trying to make it appear as such. However, this did not make the situation any less dangerous as one must fully be aware that such a person MAY HAVE a gun in his vehicle that may be pulled out and used at any time during an altercation, because the person was threatening to shoot us with a gun even though he was only physically giving the illusion of having one. 

He was highly agitated and was making claims that my male companion was a "bitch" again for unknown reasons other than claims of pointing at his vehicle. He continued to rant angrily and said "I will shoot you" while gesturing with an object in his hands as if holding a handgun. 

Since I was not looking up during the beginning of the incident I did not see what transpired or triggered the person so took advantage of that to repeatedly ask the male "i dont know whats going on, I wasnt paying attention what are you talking about". This seemed to calm him most likely because i am female and also I did not see the initial incident and was genuinely confused. I took the opportunity to get a bit closer and get the lic plate as well as verify that the person did not have a weapon as claimed. My companion however was interacting and this was not the best course of action due to the aforementioned that if pushed further, the agitated  black male may indeed intent to use deadly force as threatened so I quickly walked away and disengaged as the  black male would not cease and desist. 

His vehicle was blocking a moving traffic lane throughout this incident which is another indication of his not being a reasonable person in a sound state of mind. He chose to put other drivers in danger as he stopped in a random place on the highway amid moving traffic to make threats of using a gun to shoot at someone who simply 'pointed at his car'. 

 I highly suggest that somebody do something about this right now and if nobody does do anything about this right now what I want you to do is keep this license plate and continue to check it out. 

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Uber creeps

 Partner switched personal payment method from my PayPal to his accounts. After update it finally worked. We started getting NORMAL NICE drivers who were genuinely DIVERSE as you'd expect with a  supposedly random way of choosing whoever is in the area to pick you up. 

Then a few days later-another update of the app. After that update my partner starts getting creeps again just like before. 

The difference in service and driver behavior is so clear now that we've had what seems like normal decent everyday ride services as opposed to a black listed type level of service. 

I'm sick of getting young hot shot foreign males who all have Tesla's and other models of cars THEY COULDN'T POSSIBLY AFFORD and they all have a creepiness about them as if they are criminals. Opposed to years ago when I would get interrogated using my account, we usually get creepy vibes and dead silence and the ride is very anxiety inducing as if SOMETHING ISNT RIGHT about the environment in the vehicle. 

Stop sending hot shot young arrogant drug dealers or whatever is going on, that like to speed constantly in cars they couldn't possibly afford AT THEIR AGE, WITH THEIR STATUS BY HONEST MEANS. 

It's that or assholes with DIRTY CARS who LIE ABOUT HAVING NUTS OR OTHER STUFF that triggers my anaphylactic reactions just so the asshole (always shitty and foreign) can get paid.

If someone has a dashcam and I have to stick my head out the window the entire ride with my mask down under my nose in order to alleviate the feeling of my throat closing up even ever so slightly to mild reaction, it makes me think that it might just be on purpose so somebody can get the entertainment of looking at me suffer.

We already give every single driver a free written message and text it to them asking them if they had any heavy colognes or air fresheners like that ridiculous thing that people stick in the damn heater because most young hot shot guys have stinky acts type spray in their car and then I would not be able to stick my head out the window I wouldn't be able to ride in the vehicle so to avoid that a free written message is sent to them and if it's bad enough we cancel which is always worked out fine but if you're an a****** and you lie about it just so you can get the ride how do I handle that because Uber doesn't seem to give a s*** about the rider it's all about the driver. 

There's no place on Uber you can tell the driver officially in your profile when he's picking you up or she is picking you up that you have a disability or something that makes it dangerous for certain conditions to be present in the car such as peanuts nuts fish or heavy heavy cologne type air fresheners that you have environmental health conditions or allergies or chemical sensitivity she have to go through all this crap and if somebody lies and they show up you can't cancel it that point and if they have a dash cam you have to wonder why didn't they just cancel why didn't they just be honest about it or I have to wonder if somebody is trying to see if I actually do have an anaphylactic condition because for some weird reason the system seems really obsessed with denying that I have this issue everything from a few allergists to when I was being framed in New Hampshire they were obsessed with denying that I had allergies to peanuts when they didn't even test me which I'm going to file and sue them for at some point.

One has to question if somebody is a human experimentee and what they're doing is illegal to the person it might just be super illegal and it might even make it so the person is no longer even allowed to be in some weird human experiment if they have anaphylactic reactions because it can kill me just the other day there was a dog attack of another dog in the park and as I was screaming at the dogs to get them separated and the owner was being a jerk of the dogs that attacked the other dog I almost got choked up and couldn't breathe which is one of the reasons I can't get into physical fights and people make fun of me because the adrenaline causes anaphylactic reaction another words if I got into a physical fight with somebody and the adrenaline was too fast surging through my body I could have anaphylaxis in the middle of having a fight and it could kill me cuz the person fighting me wouldn't know that that's what's wrong with me and I would die. 

So after having a shower and cleaning up and having my haircut by my aunt I come to meet my mom to help her out of course I'm doing everything for everyone and nobody can give me any courtesy at all because they're complete f****** selfish assholes and this system sucks more than it did before covid they're taking total advantage of everyone's selfishness and auntie homelessness and everything else during covid now post covid and they're being complete jerks the rides I got before covid even theoretically being a targeted individual people were nice and to be honest with you when I use my personal account the drivers are nice cuz I complained a lot about assholes but there were a lot more nicer drivers before covid during covid you couldn't get a ride around here and now it's like this systematic f*** you sister especially when I use my partners account which we use for financial reasons. I don't appreciate coming to where I'm going to get my stuff ready for tomorrow and now I have to change my brand new clean dress that I got out of the laundry and wash my hair on skin all over again because of whatever was in that person's car there should be a law against Uber drivers lying to people that have severe allergies and cannot be around certain substances. I shouldn't be sitting in somebody's car and my throat starts to close up and I feel sick like I have a cold with a sore throat and a sore nose. And the f***** has seat covers but they're put on half ass and his car is dirty what do I have to do start asking people if they have a clean car or not the problem is is that with Uber you have no recourse they don't even have a direct line to call them. My partner couldn't use his account for one month and he was denied service for one month simply because of a glitch in their system and you can't contact them by phone to get it fixed quickly when you need service Ride service especially if you're a vulnerable population and that's how you need to get around sometimes because you have to do it through email that is absolutely ridiculous why are we letting these companies take over they've destroyed public transportation by the way because and they also only service a very small demographic of people the only benefit a small demographic of people gladly my partners one of them but did you know that college students are actually taking rideshare services lift and Uber from one end of the campus to another because they're too lazy to walk? And we've ruined multiple people's lives that drove taxis and cabs and destroyed the public transportation system when we're bitching about the environment all the time these companies need to be more responsible and whatever dirty tricks b******* is getting pulled through this crap they need to not be able to do it which means there needs to be more oversight and more ability to reach customer service years ago you used to be able to tell exactly what was wrong with the driver and that was a little bit more effective now they're blocking communication again and controlling what you say now you can only complain with not so many stars and then they ask you what's wrong and you have to pick up what they offer you you can't even write down what exactly is wrong. I have to hand it to them though they have returned some cancellation fees for him when the ride wasn't what he wanted so he had to cancel because of something to do with his disability or accommodation of the person that has to be with him. But in the beginning we got some real beaut and they were outright abusive before covid and I also got some really awful people. Before Uber had the 911 service to report crime we were totally unsafe using these right services.

People were so abusive. One time we were in downtown Boston of course with all those cameras around everybody can watch the show and Uber was in South Boston and we all know what that means God knows where this is coming from right it's just outright harassment if you know anything about Boston you know what I'm talking about God knows where the hell this crap was coming from South Boston and downtown Boston with a bunch of cameras I'll be just entertained for that, we actually had a foreigner it was so backwards and f***** up that he didn't wear shoes got out of the car without shoes on to open the trunk and then we put one of our things in the trunk and he got freaked out for some reason downtown at night and didn't like us and profiled us even though just 10 to 20 years ago he's the one that would have been profiled anywhere in Boston by the way but that's how power works there's no such thing as a quality all they're going to do is take the discrimination and pass it on to another group it doesn't mean as much to the money people that's all they're doing there is no such thing as a discrimination free society or equality all they're doing is passing the buck to someone else that isn't going to make them as much money and taking discrimination and making it so your prohibited to discriminate against people that they want to start making them money remember this is all about shareholders and money nobody really gives a s*** about anyone's lives mattering it's a game and it always has been a game and these are the games that these assholes play who are in power if you can benefit from it great but I want you to know it's a damn game nobody gives a f*** about your life mattering or not and by the way years from now you're going to be useful to them no longer just like we are now our demographic poor and white and probably houseless at this point in the city and the Northeast anyway and they're going to jump you like a hot potato and turn on you as well because it's a f****** money game since when do they give a s*** about anyone's life. And in this part of the country I'm out people like me are out if I was in the west coast in California that's a different story I'd be considered the artistic class and in places like Oakland where they're trying to gentrify because the people that live there don't really work for the city the way that the people live here in Black areas work to the city and do the buses and the security and everything in the hospitals so they want to get them out of there and so there's a lot of racism in getting people out of Oakland and gentrifying see it doesn't really matter. Nobody cares about you or me or any demographic it's whatever suits them in the environment that they're gentrifying and unfortunately in my home area I am now an undesirable because I'm not going to make anybody money on top of the fact that I'm up against the system in a genuine way not the approved of corporate activism and so getting rid of me is become like number one priority here it seems like. 

So the crazy guy downtown who profiled Us and got scared he actually tried to drive off without possessions in his trunk and I had to chase after him and there was no phone number there was nothing back then and there was no Uber safety or any of this crap now this is before Uber got exposed for all the sexual assaults and all this crap which I don't understand because if any Uber driver tried to sexually assault me it'll be like having Eileen when your nose in your f****** car only one of us is getting out alive and it's not going to be you so it's a good thing that they do the two pot testing for safety or whatever it is because I don't think you guys want dead Uber drivers on your hands which I can't believe women would even put up with that at all. I don't even understand how something like that happens because every woman in this country should be carrying at least a knife and always remember they can take it away from you because they're stronger than you so you got to be quick or mace or pepper spray or something. 

I don't be afraid to pick up a lamp or any object in the room or anything you can find you just shove it right in their eyes you got to be vicious men a vicious why not be vicious in return so I'm very glad that I don't have to murder an Uber driver today I don't think anyone with sexual assault me anyway because I'm too damn big and I don't think that's going to happen in Boston because the women here are feisty as you can tell. But this is the kind of thing I'm talking about with these services they've been getting away with this s*** and now what are they paying the rent on all this crap with the dirty tricks department? Let me tell you what we're going to do if you keep sending my partner and his caregiver that has to ride with him a lot of times if you keep sending us Hot shot young guys that look like drug dealers because nobody can afford that kind of car when they just came to this country can't even speak English and they're 20 years old I'm going to run the plates and I'm going to accuse them of being illegal I'll call ice and I'll f****** report them for suspected drug dealing and I'll be a complete b**** and come up with everything that you can think of and imagine. And don't even try to call this racism because I saw the difference in the service I get and the service that he gets. I've also seen the difference in the service that he's getting my partner which is me of course right messing with me, I see the difference between when it changed from my personal payment the personal payment method would change from my PayPal to his cards and his whatever it is personal payment method in his name for a week or two before the next update we got Asians women white men nice cars clean cars normal people people that conversated they didn't ask strange questions it sounded bizarre like an interrogation they weren't quiet and creepy and I wasn't anxiety with the whole ride they were f****** normal life was f****** normal. Then after the update it went s***** again with every single driver is a foreigner from a s***** place and he's a s***** person and he's either the two demographics I described older selfish dirty car lies about the allergy inducing triggers in his car to get the money and he's a complete a****** with a s***** attitude and he also has to get out of the car to watch us get our stuff in and out of his trunk when there's nothing in his trunk as a form of intimidation which I'm also sick of unless you're going to help me with my s*** out of the trunk don't m************ come back there that pisses me off, or it's the 20-year-old drug dealer hotshot who cannot possibly afford those cars when he just got here can't speak English and he's like 20 years old or 19. There is no possible way that every single ride you get every week is going to be the same exact kind of person with the same exact car of those two descriptions in real life things are more random so this isn't about people from foreign countries and it's not about people being foreign or whatever it is it's the fact that I'm getting aggressive males who are s***** who make me personally feel very uncomfortable the whole f****** ride and every ride I don't know what it is ever since that update now we're getting all these s*** heads consistently I feel like there's something wrong in the car like I'm being watched or targeted or something's wrong with the vehicle I am so anxiety ridden it is the most uncomfortable f****** ride what the hell is wrong with the car? What is it full of cocaine or something and the a****** is on his way to a chop shop to have it f****** removed what are these people running drugs in the cars? If you keep f****** doing this and giving me and all my partner s***** service I'm going to m************ bust your balls.

You're not bus stop whatever little money laundering or drug running or illegals working or whatever game you're playing Herbert's whatever they are driving girls around I will find out what you're up to.

Well I highly suggest that you send normal f****** people who are nice with clean cars that it seems like it's normal life and they're a mix of different people that seems like a normal randomization of diversity. Not having a bunch of drugs we deal is that a 20 years old speed at 80 miles an hour to scare the s*** out of me and intimidate me for people with dirty cars that are old pervert old guys who are s***** foreigners from s***** s*** holes that again seem like they're up to no good and the ride is very uncomfortable. 

That's why they play the game this way so they can say oh she's racist and that's the end of it well it's not that simple sending me two kinds of intimidating males on a consistent basis and even one or two females it seem like there's something really f****** wrong with them it seems like the kind of people I would be in jail with I don't want to deal with that s***, we have gotten the most screwed up people you can imagine and it's consistently assholes a nice car doesn't do anything for me if it's a hot shot kid who's obnoxious who if you ask him to turn the rap music down or turn it off he looks at you like he's packing and he's going to f****** slice your throw to kill you cuz he's a criminal basically is what we're dealing with, by the way another thing when we were using my account every single car had music that was s***** f****** rap and it was nothing but perverted lyrics what the hell is going on with that that's another form of intimidation after we switched to his accounts under his name I noticed that the rap obsession stops so you can see how these are tactics these aren't normal life things this isn't racism this isn't whatever it is this is when I'm using my accounts this is the kind of drivers we get we switch we get a week of normality then somehow the next update must send information to the dirty tricks department of exactly who this is and they go oh now we have to make sure we give them the business which is now we have a s***** new kind of demographic of which there's two of them at least the perverted rap music has stopped.

So I highly suggest that you randomize because there is no f****** way that this is normal that I'm getting just two kinds of people with the occasional female like twice a year. Like when I use my personal account it has my name on it I get normal people nowadays cuz I complained about s***** drivers so much I don't get assholes anymore why doesn't my partner get that kind of service if I have to be with him for his disability I am not going to put up with this crap. Especially the 20-year-old Hot shot who drives a Tesla I'm getting really sick of that s*** I'm getting sick of people driving at 80 miles an hour with stinky s*** in their car or the creepy old guy who obviously has had peanuts or fish in his car and now I have to waste my evening washing up changing my clothes all because somebody's greedy and there's no way to report these f****** assholes.

If you look at the history of these ride services you can see that they've screwed up really bad and they're probably paying off the dirty tricks department and I've posted stories before about these services and how there was some kind of convention in Las Vegas and people experience very strange behavior from their Uber drivers at the convention because the convention had some kind of security clearance involved just some weird thing with computers a technology where it was connected to some kind of security thing and the author of the article that I posted was saying the Uber drivers like a f****** agent and of course it's Vegas so that is going to be a little more security there because of what can happen and the way the place is built and the way it's designed and who runs it and who founded it and all this other stuff I get it and it's a little too close to California I understand the security issues but this is Boston we all know that there's layers and layers of Intel here and if you didn't know that you're a complete moron as well as the old Mafia system is still in place where believe me they know who the f*** is out here at all times but actually to be honest with you route 9 and route 1 I used to feel safe walking and traveling up those roots and I don't feel safe anymore because of the defunding of the police programs and defunding of the police so it makes you wonder who's really behind all this is it some entity that wants to privatize the police some private corporation or something that's driving this the private sector? 

I think they want to get rid of the police because the police are local remember this is all about globalization. The police are from your neighborhood they live where you live they actually provide a local layer of protection and in the past there's been instances where police have called shots on a situation where the feds don't necessarily like it in order to protect someone that's local what to do things their own way well they want to make sure they take that away. I certainly don't feel safe in my home area anymore because I can sense that there's policing that was going on that we didn't see that isn't there anymore you get a creepy vibe when you're in certain places that used to feel safe I felt like I was in Massachusetts which is my home which is fairly safe if you go to areas you know we're safe I don't feel safe anymore. and by the way how insane is it to have a taxi service where they have your personal accounts your destination your place of origin your GPS location the whole ride and they have your name and your picture? Are you understanding how ridiculous this whole entire thing is? It gives the system so much control over your life that it shouldn't even exist actually taxi should have just been knocked down in price I admit that the ride services are much cheaper but there's a bigger price that you pay again no privacy potential abusive power from the system.

Try this one day if you genuinely believe in gang stalking theory all the way down to the use of technologies that are classified and you are a sensitive or mediumistic person and you can just tell different kinds of environments and changing conditions and environments that are subtle compared to others who don't sense anything and you're very observant if you're that kind of person and you feel as if you might be targeted don't take the bus don't take an Uber try taking a taxi one day now I don't know if this is changed ever since 5G and it's now satellite instead of cables on the ground the old internet I don't know if it's changed but years ago if you got in a taxi you could literally outrun the gang stalking system whatever it was you could literally outrun it by getting in an anonymous taxi handing them cash and going somewhere you literally would buy yourself at least an hour to 5 hours worth of peace you had privacy and anonymity try it today and see if it works even a short ride across town I don't know if that still works but it used to and that tells you something right there maybe there's an ulterior motive to ride services maybe it isn't all about convenience and safety maybe it's about control ultimate control and if I don't see some improvement and some real diversity notification and randomization of the kind of people I'm getting rides from being my caretaker having to ride with him there's going to be issues.